Discussion: What Game Have You Clocked in the Most Hours With?


To gamers, video games are sacred things, and those that we love are even more scared. It’s not uncommon to find that those gamers also have titles that they have clocked in some insane amounts of game time in. Among my own personal collection, whether received as a game review or not for the team here at Blast Away the Game Review, I have my own personal title to love. I’ve clocked ludicrous amounts into the few games I love and will keep doing so as long as those games work on PC and consoles.

Since it’s launch, I’ve clocked insane amounts into Diablo III and Warframe. Both titles have seen well over 1,400 hours of gameplay since their launches. Whether games are from a specific developer or not, we know that games a sacred place inside of us. Even if to some, our games may seem a bit weird, and may not even be triple-A experiences.

Even some of us have gone as far as to purchasing those games we love multiple times. Personally, I’ve owned multiple copies of every Metal Gear Solid title whether they were good or bad. The same goes for the Diablo franchise. I’ve owned copies of Diablo for PlayStation One. I’ve even adamantly bought multiple copies of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and the base game for friends and family.


It was a game we grew completely passionate about and even now when we aren’t running Blast Away the Game Review, we are still playing. So now my question for you? What game have you bought multiple times to keep playing and how many hours do you think you may have clocked in? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Discussion: What Game Have You Clocked in the Most Hours With?

  1. I can’t think of many titles that I have bought multiple times. MMOs tend to be the games I have sunk the most time in so my answer would be Dark Age of Camelot and WOW. Honorable mentions go to Overwatch, Hearthstone and Phantasy Star Online. Seems like Blizzard know how to keep people playing their games.

    • All are great games. I’ve been changing it up a bit. I’ve been diving a lot more time on DOOM again in the past year. Definitely will be sinking time into Quake Champions.

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