Reader Discussion: What Game Helped You Bond With Friends or Family?


[Credits: Netflix]

Over the weekend I sat down and began to watch a Netflix Final Fantasy XIV-themed Japanese drama, by the name of Final Fantasy XIV Dad of LightThis Netflix movie tells the story of a father and son who bond by playing the Square-Enix MMORPG together. The son, to begin their bonding, creates a character in secret on his fathers server, and begins to play with him. As he does, they begin to take on their in-game adventures together, but also as a way to spend time with his old man.

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Discussion: What Game Have You Clocked in the Most Hours With?


To gamers, video games are sacred things, and those that we love are even more scared. It’s not uncommon to find that those gamers also have titles that they have clocked in some insane amounts of game time in. Among my own personal collection, whether received as a game review or not for the team here at Blast Away the Game Review, I have my own personal title to love. I’ve clocked ludicrous amounts into the few games I love and will keep doing so as long as those games work on PC and consoles.

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