DOOM Goes ‘Ultimate DOOM’ With New Update That Makes ALL DLC Free


For just over a year, id Software has been the recipient of critical acclaim for their reboot of the DOOM franchise. Their game took players to new heights as the game explored not just what it took to kill demons of Hell, but what it took to smash your way through player created content. They reinvented the “ultimate” DOOM experience with this new update and even dropped the games price to a “Hellishly” low price for fans to enjoy.

Whether you are glory killing demons, players, or running rampant as a monstrosity from Hell, Update 6.66 (Version 1.10 on consoles) delivers some massive changes to the overall game. Just like all the updates that id Software releases, this update has a large quantity of fixes as well as various improvements for the multiplayer features of the game.

The biggest change?

ALL DLC is Now Free

If you bought the Season Pass, there’s no doubt you did it to support the game. However, today, id Software has announced that this latest move makes all multiplayer DLC free for all players; whether they are new or old to the game. Players who download the update for DOOM will get to experience all three new guns, three new demons, nine new maps, and even the new sets of equipment and armor, will get to use them free. This includes all modes and features that came to the game through DLC and updates.

Think that’s it? No, they aren’t done. The update also has changed how players will unlock guns, demons, customization options, and more through the leveling progression system. This means that some content has even been moved to have unique in-game challenges for fans to enjoy. If you are one that got tired of random unlocks, that has been done away with, even for the games “perk” system. Yes, this update has removed the hack modules and replaced them with a new rune system much like the campaigns. So now content will be readily available to those wanting to get their hands bloody without having to store up those hack mods.

New and Veteran Levels Have Been Reset

While this will be making you cringe, there’s no doubt that this is going to hurt a bit. In the update, id Software has announced that all players, new or old, have been reset to level 0. Players that are veterans will get to keep their current unlocks and work towards unlocking the rest through the new progression system that has been implemented. While this sounds painful, you can check out the full patch notes here while your updates download.

Oh, and that new price for DOOM?

There’s one last thing that we know millions of us are wondering: How much is that extremely low price? Well you may want to grab a towel as the temperature around you is about to rise. For a limited time, you can grab DOOM for $14.99 (US) / £11.99 (UK) / $17.99 (AUS), but only for a limited time. So if you want to test out your new gaming rig? Now’s the time to throw down the $15.99 and head online to grab your copy while this deal lasts.

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