Trying to Obtain the Helminth Charger in Warframe? Here’s a Guide


If you’ve been playing Warframe over the past year, there’s no doubt you’ve been working side by side with your furry friends, and having them take to the enemies of the Tenno. If you’ve also explored your liset (ship), you’re well aware about the infection wrapped around a singular door, and what it may contain behind its sealed airlocks.

If you have the questline for Nidus called the Glast Gambit. Having started this questline you may note a peculiar nodule growing on the side of your warframe’s neck. If you are one to go to that door with the nodule on, you’ll notice that you’ve been infected by the infestation. What is this pink nodule? Well, it’s time you actually find out.

This pink nodule is rather important for those of you looking to obtain new pets to have aboard your ship. More specifically a pet by the name of the Helminth Charger. A kubrow that is themed around the infested and serves you as one. However, unlocking it is a bit trickier since the Glast Gambit quest line must be under way for you to start your journey.


Helminth Charger is an infested type of Kubrow that is obtained after interacting with Helminth, who is behind the infested door in your liset and is only accessible with the new Warframe, Nidus. To unlock the Helminth Charger you will need to ensure that the cyst is growing. After 2-3 days of real playtime, you’ll notice that it will fully develop.

Once it’s fully developed, you’ll notice that it looks as if some infested hair has begun growing out of it. From there you can begin to allow your Helminth Charger’s incubation period to begin. To do this, you will need several things. First off you need the supplies to incubate a Kubrow. In the menu to create a new Kubrow you’ll notice three options. Random, imprint, or a new option that lets you drain the Helminth Cyst.

To get your Helminth Charger, you’ll need to ensure you take option three. Here you will find your Helming Charger has begun its incubation process. The incubation period can take 24 or 72 hours. This varies based on if you have upgraded your incubation chamber. If you have, 24 hours will do it unless you pay the platinum to speed it up.


If you are looking to add some flavor to your Helminth Charger, you will notice that it can be changed between standard and classic. The standard one will appear to look like the Infested Chargers that are in the infestation missions within the game. If you drop the 10k in-game credits that is. If not, the newer skin is still pretty slick on its own. Both can wear unique colour schemes and even wear unique armors just like a normal Kubrow.

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  1. Trying to sift through all the mis- and missing information on incubating helminth. wtf had it for weeks. Do I need a new incubator core? Do I need to do Glass Gambit first? warframewiki’s info……what a joke.

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