Opinion: PlayStation 5 Will Kill the PlayStation Brand if Released in 2019


If you’ve been surfing around the internet, there’s no doubt you’ve been reading that Michael Prachter, an analyst for  video games, social media, digital media and electronics analyst over at Wedbush Securities; has said that he’s sure we’ll see the PlayStation 5 in 2019. If this news is true, it could very well be slightly damning for those who have just started investing into the PlayStation 5. It’ll even be damning for developers who have yet to release their triple-A PlayStation 4 titles.

This news brings in some wonderment as to why we would even see the PlayStation 5 in 2019. If we do, would that not hurt the PlayStation 4 title and branding? Yes, it actually would, and that’s what we are here to discuss while Sony begins to decide if they want to proceed forth with that release window.

The PlayStation 4’s Biggest Hits Won’t Release Until 2018



While you are sitting there scratching your head, I want you to think about this, and I mean really think about this before possibly going up in arms. I want you to read this with the fact I am a Sony fan, but not a fan boy. I have owned every product they’ve made since the PlayStation One. Over the years I kept joining the PlayStation family with every console release they made.

Now that we are standing here at the PlayStation 4 where Sony has been making one leap after another to stay ahead of Microsoft and Nintendo. While the Nintendo Switch has been making steady bounds and we here at B.A.T.G.R. are preparing for a review of it and a few games. We still have a bit of time left till the PlayStation 5 is estimated to launch in 2019 according to analyst Michael Prachter.

The issue with his guesstimate? Many of the PlayStation 4’s biggest hits aren’t even set to release for the next few years. We have yet to get solid release dates for the upcoming God of WarDeath Stranding, Detroit: Become Human, Knack II, Days Gone and even the highly anticipated multi-platform release game Anthem by BioWare. The question is, why is Sony looking at another generational jump?

Their console can’t run the upcoming games in 4k native. They just can’t do it. All the games are in dynamic 4k and a new console would give Sony a chance to grab some of the latest hardware and ensure that they can compete with the Xbox One X, which launches this fall.

AMD Will be a Great Partner for Sony With a PlayStation Upgrade


While we already know that the next PlayStation console, which is presumably the PlayStation 5 according to Shawn Layden as reported by Golem.de during an interview. With this idea that they are about to do another generational jump, this would be a perfect time for Sony to prepare to deepen their relationship with AMD who has been taking an edge against Intel and Nvidia with the RX series of GPUs and Ryzen CPUs.

With those two possibilities opening up, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony decided to partner up for those chances. With both Ryzen and the RX 580 taking the market, there’s no doubt that gamers will be eyeballing the next Sony PlayStation console to pack some horsepower and send gamers over the edge. To keep the PlayStation 4 relevant, Sony will need to focus on the fact the PlayStation 4 Pro hasn’t exactly been the edge gamers need against Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X. To keep ahead of the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch, Sony will need to step up their game and move on as quickly as possible while ensuring fans of the PlayStation 4 aren’t left out.

The PlayStation 5 Will Need to be Backwards Compatible


One of the biggest things that Sony will need to do is step up the fact their games coming out next year are big. Fans will want to take time to indulge in titles such as Days GoneKnack II, and God of War when they release next year – if they release next year. While the PlayStation 4 certainly has exceeded all expectations and even surpassed the sales of the Xbox One continually up to this point.

While PlayStation 4 does have options for backwards compatibility, it’s not what gamers want. It’s not what anyone wants. While PlayStation Now is a decent alternative, it’s not something gamers are going to want to dive into after only four years of the PlayStation 4. With the next console, Sony will need to ensure that it fully runs PlayStation 4 games.

Because of the console running the x86 platform. Rest assured, however, Sony has a lot of work to do before 2019 happens if Mr. Prachter is right. Lets just hope that Sony realizes, if they alienate the PlayStation 4 fans? They might as well sink their own flagship console before their next generation even launches.

But Why Will it Kill the PlayStation Brand if it Launches in 2019?

And here’s where I know you’re going to turn red in the ears, blue at the lips, and your steam coming out of your nose. The PlayStation 4 is steadily growing as Sony has finally gotten it to where they want. It’s having games that are absolute blockbuster’s such as Horizon Zero Dawn, which is their highest rated new IP of this generation, and that is great due to how The Order: 1886 flopped in the eyes of some.

The reason I’m aiming at this topic is simple. I’m aiming at it since the PlayStation 4 is still growing. It’s a console that is drawing more users in with each day. Their new and even rebooting IP’s are still on their way in while being developed for the PlayStation 4. We’ve yet to see the likes of two of the most anticipated games of this generation from publisher Square Enix. You by now already know what titles I’m discussing. If you aren’t, you need to look into Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

If Sony is to release their console this soon, there’s no doubt that they will begin alienating their fans. They will give fans a chance to migrate to the Xbox One X and PC over their new device. It’s simply just not wise for them as a console developer and their investors. The best plan they have? To give the console a ten year span. Let the console stay relevant till 2023. Lets just hope that Sony doesn’t go for sooner than later. Lets hope it’s later than sooner.

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