Marvel Heroes Omega Hands-On – A Fist-Swinging Good Time


You know you’re onto something when you take what made franchises such as DiabloSacred, and Ultimate Alliance staple points within the gaming industry and throw a Marvel infused cocktail into the mix. This is just what Gazillion and Marvel have done with their recently having entered open beta title Marvel Heroes Omega, which takes on a unique twist for super hero games. Set as a free-to-play Marvel themed dungeon crawling MMO, Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t been shy about what their game does or how it even does it. It’s an experience that console gamers are getting a fresh taste of as of late.

For PC gamers, the game has been around for quite some time, which isn’t surprising, but what is – is the fact it works quite well on PlayStation 4 as well. Since last month I’ve been enjoying myself within the games closed beta and now the open beta, which is saturated with Marvel fans that want to take to a dungeon crawling experience.

Luckily for you, I’ve been enjoying the beta since it started in closed and now has moved to open Beta. I’ve managed to even try out multiple heroes, which allowed my to explore many of their abilities, and move sets. While it seems many of the games old bugs have been smoothed away, it also seems that Gazillion has managed to pull the game into a fine tuned enjoyable experience.


If you look at the sheer magnitude of this games size, it’s one that will make your eyes bulge from your forehead, and your ears tremble in shock and awe. It’s a game that at times, can seem a little overwhelming at first. Not because the tutorials aren’t in-depth, but because there is a lot to take in at first. You’ll be introduced to combat mechanics, inventory mechanics, and even to your friendly every-day Avengers.

This game doesn’t just introduce a cast you may be used to, but also one you may not be used to just yet. This includes characters such as Magik, Squirrel Girl, and even Blade (yes you read that right, Blade, the half-vampire vampire-hunter). The truth is? You won’t even truly experience a character till you hit a minimal level of ten where you are beginning to get a feel for just how far their powers go.

After using the boosts that were given to me, I decided to bounce through several characters in the roster. At first I started with the infamous X-Man dubbed “Wolverine” and switched his outfit to his Old Man Logan costume. Following that, I decided to hope over and finally settle down – or so I thought – with Rocket Raccoon. While not voiced by Bradley Cooper, they did a good enough job with their voice casting that I was made to think otherwise, and quite enjoyed the character. Soon after? It was time to settle down with the AoE and stun heavy Scarlet Witch.


While this sounds like a lot of hopping around, it’s something Gazillion wants you to do as you become accustomed with each character before deciding which ones you want to use eternity splinters or real cash on.  While it sounds like this is easier-said-than-done, it really isn’t. The game is a steep learning curve, but not one that should shy you away. It’s one that beckons for you to explore it’s menus, it wants you to explore the tabs within them, and even take in what it has to offer in the long run.

Because this game isn’t focused on those menus, as you would suspect, it focuses on its core gameplay. One that is just right in how repetitive it can be. It’s one that is for those that like the easy-grind style of titles such as DiabloTorchlight, and Sacred. Adjacent to those games stands Marvel Heroes Omega, which will have you wondering through areas such as Hell’s Kitchen beating up villains such as Venom and Shocker. Other moments have you varying out how you will punish them with your powers.

In this game you’ll find yourself also getting the enjoyment of gathering loot during your skirmishes. While you do, it seems you’ll have a chance to quickly glance through the pieces obtained, and hopefully use them for the character of choice. If not, the game offers up a casual and rather satisfying storage system, which you can invest into in order to expand. This storage system allows for players to micromanage gear across the characters they have yet to explore during their campaigns against the villain’s of the Marvel universe.


If you’re used to games such as Diablo. You’re used to games that require precision, patience, and even a tad bit of a quick reaction time. Marvel Heroes Omega has managed to capture this element just as strong as it does the existence of the Marvel universe. It’s a game that is stands elegantly almost games of its genre and seductively will lure you in for hours on end.

While some of you may see this as negative, it is not, it is merely how well done the game is. While audio during video clips can be off-setting as they seem to be of a lower quality than the rest of the game, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Gazillion has put a lot of time, a lot of dedication, and a lot of passion into what they’ve developed.

As for what they developed shows promise and an ability to grow over time while we await new heroes, new villain’s, and even new story arch’s to enjoy.

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