Marvel Heroes Omega to Shut Down Sooner Than Expected


It’s always a sad day when you hear news about a studio being shut down, their hard-work being dismissed, and their futures as developers become uncertain. Today, that has happened once again, and this time it has happened to a team of extremely passionate fans of the Marvel universe, which brought an astounding game to life in recent years.

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Marvel Heroes Omega Now Features VIP Account Status


Have you been holding out from buying content on Marvel Heroes Omega? Now there’s an excellent reason to do so. Gazillion Games has announced that starting with the most recent update, players can now get the VIP Status easier than ever on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Marvel Heroes Omega Hands-On – A Fist-Swinging Good Time


You know you’re onto something when you take what made franchises such as DiabloSacred, and Ultimate Alliance staple points within the gaming industry and throw a Marvel infused cocktail into the mix. This is just what Gazillion and Marvel have done with their recently having entered open beta title Marvel Heroes Omega, which takes on a unique twist for super hero games. Set as a free-to-play Marvel themed dungeon crawling MMO, Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t been shy about what their game does or how it even does it. It’s an experience that console gamers are getting a fresh taste of as of late.

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