Marvel Heroes Omega to Shut Down Sooner Than Expected


It’s always a sad day when you hear news about a studio being shut down, their hard-work being dismissed, and their futures as developers become uncertain. Today, that has happened once again, and this time it has happened to a team of extremely passionate fans of the Marvel universe, which brought an astounding game to life in recent years.

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Marvel Heroes Omega Hands-On – A Fist-Swinging Good Time


You know you’re onto something when you take what made franchises such as DiabloSacred, and Ultimate Alliance staple points within the gaming industry and throw a Marvel infused cocktail into the mix. This is just what Gazillion and Marvel have done with their recently having entered open beta title Marvel Heroes Omega, which takes on a unique twist for super hero games. Set as a free-to-play Marvel themed dungeon crawling MMO, Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t been shy about what their game does or how it even does it. It’s an experience that console gamers are getting a fresh taste of as of late.

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