Sony Announces that PlayStation Network Now Has 70M Active Monthly Users


According to a Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting for the Fiscal Year of 2017, they have announced that PlayStation Network has announced that they have broken 70 million users, but however, Sony has not announced what it means to be “active” or when the number had been broken. There’s no doubt that this number was likely surpassed based on how many users are active on PlayStation Network at one time using PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and their PlayStation Vita family of consoles.

This is rather small in comparison to what Microsoft announced back in April, where their monthly figures across both Xbox One and PC have reached 52 million users for the latest of quarters. According to Sony’s board members, they disclosed that they will hold a webcast for their Corporate Strategy Meeting, which will take place in Japan where they will outline more details on their plans for the future of PlayStation Plus, PlayStation 4, and even PlayStation VR moving forward.


If anything sits true, we may even see a hint at what their newest generation of consoles will look like since there was a rumoured “leak” that the PlayStation 5 could launch as early as 2018. While that bit may be unlikely, it is true that we could very well see another iteration of the PlayStation 4 family in order to offer up more power and even possibly native 4K gameplay.

Among their focuses comes the PlayStation Plus enhancements that could bring in new users, help retain current users, and enhance what it means to have a PlayStation Plus Subscription. We can only hope this means that they will be adding a stronger, more appetizing lineup of games, and offers to the PlayStation Plus brand. We’ll find out later today what Sony has up their sleeves for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation VR.

You can read the PDF regarding yesterday’s meeting here.

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