Review: Bulletstorm – Hail to the Bullets Baby

Heavily upgraded graphics and performance
+Online multiplayer offers insanely fun arcade style cooperative play
+Duke Nukem DLC.. That is all.

-Multiplayer can lag a bit.
-Lack of communication in the game takes away when not grouped with other players


When we saw a trend of remakes getting done, it was clear that there were many games fans would want, and many of those games would no doubt see the light of day. From Resident Evil to Darksiders to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered helped bring forth the idea of what game remastering can be like. It brought forth a valid question of whether or not games could be lost to time. With smash-hit sales in the years before as well as a rather ubiquitous sales as well as cultural marks.

Bulletstorm is one of those games that just managed to fascinate its fans with its ability to lure in rewards for styles of killing enemies, working with their friends, and even pushing them through the games campaign. However, the question remains: Do games deserve a second chance like this? That’s the biggest question of them all. With new state-of-the-art hardware. Do these games deserve a second chance even if they possibly failed to succeed the first time around?


This is a very valid point of particular question when discussing the newly released Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, a game that is a rather welcome addition to the ever-growing subgenre of deluxe FPS do-overs in recent years. The original game, when launched, came out guns blazing thanks to EA’s strong presence within the industry back in 2011. With seeing how Gears of War worked, it seemed that People Can Fly decided to see if their new take on this type of game could work, and how well it would do so. The Majority owned People Can Fly emerged with a rather interesting take on the FPS genre. A bit playful in its bloodiness, a little intriguing with its humour, and overall impressively violent in everything else.

The game emerged as an impressive take on the Gears of War model. The game garnished positive reviews where it sat at a solid 9/10. Besides those high-end reviews, the game came out half-loaded from other outlets, sitting down in the collective library of ever-growing games, where it stands as a cult classic even with its mere ten years of existence. Luckily for us, Bulletstorm is a rare take on the sci-fi FPS genre as it totted extensive mechanics that made the game unique as possible. The game seemed to derive itself with inspiration from games such as Gears of WarRatchet and Clank, and even Tony Hawk’s Proskater.


The game managed to covet the extensive depths that such a game would need if it were to showboat executions for points, player tactics, and unique gunplay. Luckily, the game stands solid in doing that even with its re-release. It’s a game that managed to define what such a game needed to be. Luckily, the games anti-hero Grayson Hunt feeds these mechanics with his capabilities as a former wetworks asset to an intergalactic military.

Unlucky for his team, Grayson was sent on a mission where he finds himself wandering through the world around him, a place where even his combos are visibly rewarded within the game itself, and he’s well aware of what the player is doing. Sound like Deadpool anyone? Should and for a good reason. It works rather well in Graysons favor. With Grayson having a lasso that seems to work rather similar to Scorpion’s spear, you’ll find yourself maneuvering quite a bit across the games playspaces in order to get into point-blank combat situations. This welcomes Grayson to perforate his enemies with his pistol, send them flying with an explosive bola and pistol combo, or even other possible skill shots the game has to offer.


While this is all good, clean, and sadistic fun, the game does seem to be a bit more polished than its previously released. Luckily this seems that part of this is because People Can Fly is no longer bound to a major publisher, but instead finds themselves independent from EA. Being published by Gearbox seems to have in ways helped this game to some extent in that matter. Luckily the rough around the edges campaign has worked quite well as the game rattles players through multiple blockbuster like set-pieces, which bring for a welcome momentum to the games overall pacing due to this design approach. From rocky mountain cliffs, to underground caves, and even tourist vista’s for you to enjoy as you adventure across the once beautiful world of Stygia.

Sticking to this theme, the game ensures that players will get to see it across both the games cooperative Anarchy mode, which sets itself down as a sidebar to the games Echoes mode. Both of these modes set players to shoot for a high score in order to continue forth through the game. For people whom have played the weird, sensationally fun, and off-the-wall shooter, they can easily sit this one right beside it.

Let alone does the game offer up Echoes, the Full Clip Edition has expanded upon this feature with Ultimate Echoes, which add in more difficult tasks for players to participate in. Luckily for players, the game will send out over multiple areas with online scoreboards for fans to show off just how badass they are. With over 30 levels to enjoy, you will find yourself quite busy for the time being, and find yourself pushing forth as much as possible with multiple loadouts that are made default.

If you are wondering just how much better that the Full Clip Edition stands compared to the original? There’s no question that People Can Fly managed to pull all the stops in order to provide an even better experience than before. With both DLC’s being available, as well as some new maps, the game has hours upon hours for you to experience. This newly repackaged release even features a full blown Duke Nukem twist to the game as he replaces Grayson Hunt as the games protagonist. With a script written to match his mindset, Bulletstorm offers hours upon hours of relentless fun.

Our review is based upon a retail version provided to us by the games publisher. For our review, we used a PlayStation 4 Pro with a 7200RPM HDD.  For information about our ethics policy please click here.

 Final Score: 8 out of 10

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