Dark Rose Valkyrie is Heading to PlayStation 4 this June


It’s time to gear up JRPG fans. Today our friends at Idea Factory International, Inc. has announced their newest JRPG Dark Rose Valkyrie is heading here to the west in order to bring an all-new battle onto the PlayStation 4 family of consoles. The game will be releasing this June in both physical and digital formats.

On June 9th, players will get to experience the talents of Tales of series scenario writer Takumi Miyajima and Tales of series character designer Kosuke Fujishima as they bring this JRPG to the PS4. In the game, an elite military force known as the ACID (Anti-Chimera Interception Division) stands between humanity and those who threaten humanity by being transformed by a mysterious virus.

In this game, players will use customized weapons, team attacks, a powerful Oveide mode, and much more in order to dispatch hordes of enemies. Aside from battle, players will have to interrogate their own teams in order to find out who has turned in order to save the world as a traitor is among them. In the year 1929, this seems all but unusual as the setting is in the past and the Chimera threat has become much larger than ever expected.


Due to the mysterious virus that has caused the outbreak caused by a meteorite known as Black Garnet. 3% of the worlds population was eliminated once the virus emerged. To stave off the possibility of humanities eradication, Japan has closed its nation off from the rest of the world. With the ACID battling against the country, humanity now has a fighting chance, and it’s up to them to stop this form of eradication.

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