Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Launches This March


With the flame once more lit, enemies of old having been slain, players once more find themselves yearning for more. Today our friends at Bandai Namco have announced that DARK SOULS III is about to receive its final DLC coming this March 28th. The DLC will send them chasing after a new enemy to the ends of the world. The literal end of the world that is. The enemy is a mysterious one only known as Slave Knight Gael.

As the closing of the Age of Fire comes forth, the worlds end dawns near and all lands shall converge upon themselves. As the wanderer descends into madness of the Earth, they must uncover the secrets of the world about them, and encounter ancient beasts as they venture to the fabled Ringed City. Here the new cast of characters teeter upon the edge of insanity. Players will be able to find new armor, new weapons, magics, and even fight through the new horrors that await them at every turn.

DARK SOULS III: The Ringed City brings players toe-to-claw against massive beasts in a twisted descent into the bowels of the end of the world,” said Jason Enos, Director of Brand and Latin American Marketing for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “FromSoftware has crafted visually arresting environments that evoke a sense of destroyed beauty and nail biting encounters that will leave players breathless for more.”

Below, you can check out the newest trailer for The Ringed City DLC, which will leave you itching for more, and only more you will have once it releases March 28th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One for free for Season Pass owners or $14.99 separately.

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