Ubisoft Announces The Division DLC 1: Underground

The Dark Winter crisis is in full swing, with it the storms are getting worse, and the chaos is about come crawling from the underbelly of New York City. In this new world as dangers rise, players will dive into the underworld of New York in order to stop this new threat. In doing so, players will find new loot, new weapons, gear, and more as they scavenge through subways, tunnels, and sewers that teem with deadly enemies at every stop. With this content drop, there will also be free content for players without the season pass that will include more challenge mode missions, a new level of difficulty for main missions and incursions with the “Hero Difficulty”.


The new Underground Mode will be claustrophobic, it will be fierce, and it will push players to their limits as they fight on through every enemy force. The new mode will feature randomly generated subways, mazes, tunnels, and the aforementioned sewers while players hunt down the previously mentioned new gear. With the new challenge modes and difficulties, players will fight like they never have when entering into the new mode, “Dragon’s Nest”. This is the biggest incursion to release to date, which will feature the cleaners as they prepare their ultimate weapon in order to cleanse the streets of New York despite survivor’s being around. This new mission will take place in Hell’s Kitchen, and the necessity of them being stopped is more important than ever. The incursion will be included with Underground.


The new free Heroic Mode will allow players to take on both Falcon’s Lost and Clear Sky in the hardest challenge to date. Those of you who have Underground will also get to experience Dragon’s Nest in this difficulty. The new Challenge Mode missions and items will be available as well when players experience Hudson Yard and Queen’s tunnel in the new challenge mode, these will feature better rewards than before. The new DLC and free content update will be available starting June 28th, 2016 for PC and Xbox One while launching on August 2nd, 2016 for PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for our hands-on impressions of the content.

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