Fallout 4’s Future Has Been Outlined and it Involves Vaults


If you ever wondered what more insanity could come to Fallout 4, tonight has made your wonders come to an end as Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard has outlined the future of the title. Let alone does this include some new tools for you to use such as Elevators, Conveyor Belts, and the likes. This future also includes a new theme park entitled Nuka World that’ll be just what it sounds like; a theme park. Let alone does it launch near or with the Contraption’s DLC, we also got a look at one DLC that just may have stolen the show.

2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

Boxshot Wizard file used for creating global boxshots

The DLC that definitely caught the eyes of fans was the newly announced “Vault-Tec Workshop” DLC that will allow fans to create their own Vault. Let alone do they get to do this from the ground up, players will also be able to create what their Vault’s scientific goals are. Whether this is testing their vaults prowess in physique, substance uses, or even just all around to have one, the Vaults seem to be ones that can easily be invaded. If anything? It sounds like our dreams for Fallout Shelter being apart of Fallout 4 itself. If that’s the case? Expect some fun, weird, and delightful moments.

As of now the DLC does not have dates, but we are sure they’ll be coming soon as mods have just landed on Xbox One and later this month for PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for more updates.

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