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I want to start out by stating that this is my first time experiencing a DOOM game. There are several things that are great about the game and as to be expected – items that need improvement. Playing this in beta did have the content for a limited time play during its beta weekends. Out of the maps and game modes that have been confirmed for DOOM, the beta received two of each in the competitive modes. Three if you count Random, which combined both Team Death Match and Warpath into one and it varied which was played between matches. DOOM Multiplayer is fast paced no matter what mode you play. Never having experienced DOOM before, but having played quite a few FPS (First Person Shooter) titles; I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the fast pace play this provides.


The maps released for beta were Infernal and Heatwave. Both seem to be mid-size and well laid out allowing for various approaches to combat. Infernal, as implied by the name, is a Hell based map with both open areas and enclosed ones consisting of rooms and hallways. The biggest thing to keep in mind with this map is even if in an open area watch your footing. Otherwise, you will find yourself failing to swim in lava. As for heatwave you will enjoy running around a facility filled with twists, turns and many opportunities to ambush or be ambushed. Both maps have aesthetics that are murky yet beautiful and are in tune with the darker nature of Doom.

The two games modes that beta had available were TDM (TeamDeath Match) and Warpath, as stated before. If you haven’t played or don’t know what TDM is, it is a team of x amount of players vs the same size team in a kill or be killed mode. Winning is as simple as being the first team reaching kill limit. The other mode, Warpath, is simple yet strategic. The point of Warpath is to capture and hold the objective. As simple as that sounds, you have to defend the objective as it follows a predetermined path around the map. After capturing the zone you only have to maintain a presence in the zone while it is contested. Otherwise you do not have to stay in the zone to keep it captured. Since this is the case strategy comes into play on whether to ambush or guard the objective.


The major thing that needs to be balanced would be weapons, not equipment but the guns. All the guns in doom have a primary and secondary fire. Out of the seven that were released four (Heavy AR, Super Shotgun, Vortex Rifle, and Static Rifle) have a secondary fire that is a zoom or slight adjustment to primary fire only. Two of the remaining three (Plasma Rifle and the Lightning Gun) are the only ones to give an additional ability for the secondary fire. The final weapon, the Rocket launcher, has a secondary fire in which you can use to trigger the rocket explosion before impact while in flight. The guns in DOOM need some re-balancing due to either being to OP (Overpowered), and or for being to weak. During the beta due to being overpowered the Super Shotgun and Rocket launcher were most commonly used.

Probably one of the most appealing things about DOOM is the customization for characters. Not only can you customize the color and pattern for guns, you can do so with you character as well. Along with being able to change color and pattern on the armor you can change the armor itself. The best thing about this is you don’t change a whole armor set but can change a single piece at a time like a leg or chest piece. Similarly to that of the Halo multiplayer. Like a lot of multiplayer games you get to use taunts. As you level up you get more taunts and can customize them in your character screen. As a personal favorite out of the taunts available in beta mine would have to be the Carlton. The last thing that can be tweaked for your character is the implementation of hack modules. Hack modules provide temporary boosts to different aspects of game play during a match. Anything from bonus starting armor to exta experience per kill. You are able to equip up to four of these hack mods prior to starting a match. Everytime you cpawn in the match you can swicth which one is active. However, keep in mind that each mod has a limited time on how long you can use it, but the timer only depletes when you are alive.

Over all whether you are new to DOOM or a die hard fan, Doom Multiplayer is definitely something to look forward to.

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