Tripwire Interactive Brings Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Killing Floor 2 to PAX East


Whether or not you know the titles, these are two that shouldn’t be easily dismissed as  competitors in the FPS genre. While Rising Storm is an award-winning tactical shooter, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam takes players to the familiar war known as “Vietnam” as the name suggests. The game takes players into a brutal and authentic recreation of the Vietnam War while players are visiting the great city of Boston.


If you aren’t familiar with Killing Floor 2 the name is just as it suggests. With the title once more picking up the helm of where Killing Floor left off with the frantic co-op shooter where fans try to survive hordes of zombies that seek to do one thing: consume flesh. In this game players work side-by-side in order to fight through brutal hordes of enemies. However, the version you’ll be seeing? Won’t be the PC version that we’ve been covering since it’s Early Access launch thanks to the press teams that we correspond with. Freshly announced, the horrifying gore title will be heading to PlayStation’s booth to show off the PS4 version of the game. Want a chance to play these titles? Check out the info below.


  • What: Play Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on PC and Killing Floor 2 on PS4 at PAX East
  • Who:    Tripwire Interactive (Creators of the Killing Floor and Red Orchestra franchises)
  • When:  Friday, April 22, 2016 through Sunday, April 24, 2016 (10AM – 6PM)
  • Where: Booth #1083

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC)

415 Summer Street

Boston, MA 02210

  • Team Members in Attendance:
  • Alan Wilson – Vice President/Co-Owner, Tripwire Interactive
  • Adam Hatch – Lead Level Designer, Tripwire Interactive
  • Jared Creasy – Community Manager, Tripwire Interactive
  • Mike Schmitt – Marketing Director, Tripwire Interactive
  • Sturt Jeffery – Lead Programmer, Antimatter Games (Developers of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam)

If you are there, give their team a shot if you plan on visiting their booth. Stay tuned as we plan on covering PAX East from the warm seats in our office this year. Want us to go next year? Let us know what you’d like to see that can help fund us going there!

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