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Remember that favored MOBA by the name of Vainglory. It has been a title that has driven me to purchasing a tablet for both it, college, and the simple satisfaction that my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has been just enough to keep me happy. However, with news of Twitch and Super Evil Mega Corp teaming up to make the eSports structure for the game even bigger, they have today inked a three-year partnership in North America and Europe for the official Vainglory Championships and supporting eSports structuring. This means that with this collaboration, it has included a multi-million dollar invesment for each company and brings forth a program that stems across sales, promotions, broadcasts and even live events.

As one of the fastest growing games in the mobile industry as well as mobile titles on Twitch last year, the game has accrued more than 150 million minutes watched. As the first major touchscreen eSport title, Vainglory is renowned for the largest prize pool ever in a 350,000 USD pool that brings professional teams like TSM, SK Gaming, Team Secret, and G2 Esports together in the fray of battle. This also brings forth teams to participate in the Red Bull eSports Studio at Santa Monica, California.


As part of the Twitch partnership Super Evil Mega Corp plans on bringing more fans and players int heir already large group of millions of players and viewers. With eSports Teams and robust exhibits, Twitch looks to bring more into Vainglory as it helps to expand and grow the title.

The esports industry has been dominated by PC and console titles, but Vainglory is ushering in a new mobile games movement,” said Nick Allen, Director of Esports Operations at Twitch. “The incredible engagement Vainglory has garnered on our platform is testament that our community welcomes the convergence of esports and mobile gaming.

Starting today, teams of three players hopeful to win the Spring Championship can register at The three-month season kicks off with open qualifiers and will have a total prize pool of $80,000 USD.

We’ve been working closely with Twitch since even before the global launch of Vainglory, and their massive, wildly passionate gaming community has helped our game develop a loyal and growing following,” said Kristian Segerstrale, COO and executive director at Super Evil Megacorp. “By working with Twitch in this new and expanded capacity, we’re going to be able to bring our esports programming to the next level and provide better and more frequent coverage to fans.”


As part of the new seasons, Vainglory has officially kicked off a new season that features a new game mode (in beta) titled Battle Royale as well as the new hero we know as “Alpha” a new map skin, and a massive “Halcyon Days” event that includes new skins for Fortress. As part of the on going evolution of the game, Battle Royale brings in a draft mode where the game selects heroes for each player, and each hero starts out already leveled up. As opposed to starting from level one and building up like in normal matches.

With the matches already having draft mode from the original take and even boosters, Vainglory has become a game that anyone can truly come to enjoy, and participate in as they wish. If you haven’t checked it out, you can see our review here, which will be updated soon to reflect ont he new changes.

As always, stay tuned for our constant coverage over Vainglory and many other titles.

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