Tripwire and Mod DB Announce Phase 2 Winners of Killing Floor 2’s Grindhouse Mapping Contest

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If you aren’t familiar with Killing Floor 2 and the fact the game has quite a few of mods, Mod DB, Tripwire teamed together for Killing Floor 2’s official Grindhouse Mapping Contest. With the contest, it continues on from Phase 1 and offers over 50,000 USD to modding winners. For those who are interested in the blood filled contest from Grindhouse, this contest offers up the chance for fans to show off their map creation skills. For those wondering,  Phase 2 was held from December 7, 2015 through February 21, 2016. Today’s announcement reveals nine lucky and talented winners, each handpicked by the Tripwire Interactive team. So our hats are off to those who entered and those who won.

We were overwhelmed by the quality and originality of the various map submissions in the Grindhouse Mapping Contest,” said John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive. “Now that we’ve recently added full Steam Workshop functionality in Killing Floor 2, we’re excited to see what the community creates next!

Tripwire Selections Phase 2 (All maps are on Steam Workshop and available to play now!)

Best Survival

1)      Infernal Realm – $10,000

2)      Shopping Spree – $7,500

3)      Spaceport Perdition – $5,000

4)      Power Core – $1,500

5)      Dead Shore – $1,000

Best Non Survival

1)      Husk Factory – $5,000

2)      GrooveYard – $2,500

3)      Insurrection – $1,500

4)      London Escape – $1,000

Will wee see you on the battlefield enjoying these new fan created maps? We hope so. As for them being on PlayStation 4? We certainly hope they will be there when the game launches sometime this year.

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