Halo 5 Fans are In for a Rude Awakening After the Download code to Disc Exchange


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Many of you know we’ve been following the Halo 5: Guardians Disc Exchange Program where fans could trade in their Limited Collector’s Edition or Console Code for a physical copy of Halo 5. Digging around as much as we could on the Halo Waypoint forums and even our very own exchange tracking, we received our game this morning. Having had FedEx knocking on the home door to my house/personal office, it was time to grab that.. Little black package? Wait a second, what happened to that Limited Collector’s Edition casing?

That’s a question many of you fans are probably asking. After reaching out to Xbox Support we were given a very blank statement that seems scripted to help with any outraged fans that stated the following, “We are unable to send out the Halo 5 Limited Collector’s Edition item. We are only authorized for the standard game”. To be honest? It seems to have added more fuel to the fire as you can see via the Halo Waypoint – How to trade your code for a physical copy discussion on the latest posts. Even we have commented and confirmed with the fact we’ve gotten the same thing. So did Microsoft change out the statement of players receiving the Limited Collector’s Edition content? So far I personally have received a code for all DLC, but not a Limited Edition disc as they made it seem like we would be getting.

Did you get just a regular copy or a Limited Collector’s Edition copy with the exchange? Let us know in the comments.

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