Don’t Activate Those Halo 5 Console or Limited Collector’s Edition Game Codes Just Yet (Updated)


Update #2: Our exchange has processed completely as our status now says “shipped”. We will see you on the battlefield fellow gamers! Stay tuned for our Halo 5 review!

Update: After several chats with customer support through the “Chat With Us” option we ended up having to contact the phone line service where we were made aware that our Limited Edition game code will be deactivated. Upon deactivated we were made aware that it will take 3-5 days for our physical Limited Edition to be mailed to us. In doing so if we have any problems we are to contact customer support thanks to a gentleman by the name of Robert on their call service.

Do note that users on the official Halo Forums one stated that a Microsoft Agent stated that any codes that came with consoles will not be eligible for this exchange and the exchange will be canceled. While there are mixed bits of information, we will keep you updated on this information as the process happens. At this time? We can confirm that our code for our Console Bundle is in progress as an exchange and we look forward to seeing what Halo 5 looks like upon release next Tuesday.

Original: You probably heard earlier this year that Halo 5: Guardians is going to be a massive install, sitting just around 55GB’s, close to the 60GB’s that Game Informer  brought up in an article about a week ago. Truth is? Seems that article is sticking true to its guns according to multiple sources. The game sitting at a 46GB install/download, but also a 9GB update that will require players to download it before being able to play. This means a bit of  wait for those with slower internet speeds or even those who decide not to exchange their Halo 5: Guardians Console game codes for regular discs. This offer as stated by the official page is ONLY valid from October 20 through November 1, 2015. So be quick about it if you decide you want a physical copy of the game.

After having reached Microsofts Customer support several times via my own Gamertag and having had a friend reached them, it seems that Microsoft will be exchanging out discs for those who buy the LCE or the console. Do note though, that you can not redeem your code for the game or this exchange is nulled, meaning you are stuck with that 55GB download. Luckily for those who decide to stay with the digital edition of the game; you’ll be getting a nifty little steel case full of goodies. While we can’t confirm 100% at this time that Microsoft will do the exchange for the game coming with the console, it seems rather likely since we’ve been redirected to the exchange program guide for contacting them and how to do the process. IF you want to give it a shot? Go to the Halo 5: Guardians Disc Swap Support Page on, login and chat with customer support for this process. Note that they will only be doing this for codes that have not been redeemed.

Hunt the truth Spartans and stay tuned for our unboxing of the Halo 5: Guardians Console and the Master Chief Controller. We may even have a little surprise on there.

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