DOOM’s Alpha is Coming to a Console or PC Near You


You’ve no doubt been wondering when that closed alpha test for DOOM would happen after we discussed it after our visit to Bethesda Zenimax’s renowned event QuakeCon 2015. If you are a owner of Wolfenstein: The New Order? You’re in luck, you’ve been guaranteed access to the games Closed Alpha/Beta.

If you haven’t registered the code in your game case? You should be heading over to the official DOOM website and register those codes by putting it in and entering your registration information.

In our hands-on from QuakeCon you’ll get to experience the same exact map we did in a 6v6 experience. Just like in our time with it you will get to hunt down the Demon Rune, which will transform a member of your team into the Revenant. Outside of marching around the map as a Revenant and tearing enemies to shreds, you’ll be able to use the Gauss Cannon in order to see enemies through walls in order to take them out instantly.

Just like our time with the game at QuakeCon 2015, players will be able to choose a loadout that includes the vortex rifle, super shotgun, repeater, rocket launcher, static cannon and the plasma rifle. This also includes the games two pieces of equipment that was utilized such as the personal teleporter and the frag grenade.

While dates have not been confirmed yet for the alpha, we can assume it’s coming up soon after having listened to the publisher and developer both state that it would come out shortly before the titles spring release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you up-to-date for the launch of the alpha.

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