Star Wars Battlefront Gets New Modes an Ultimate Edition and Season Pass


If you’re like the millions of other players who have been cramming 60+ hours in since the beta launched, you’re no doubt extremely excited for the game, and a bit curious to what is to come out of it. Today on the official Battlefront Blog, DICE and EA announced several things including three new game modes, a season pass, an Ultimate Edition as well as the fact the Beta will end tomorrow October 13th, which gives you an entire day more to play if you haven’t been already.

In the announcement, EA announced that there are several modes that haven’t been announced till today and both of them honestly sound quite enjoyable. First up is the newest mode called “Droid Hunt”, which will pit teams of players against each other as they attempt to capture the GNK droids (those trash can things) and bring them back to safety in order to gain points. Simple right? Not necessarily since there are multiple droids scattered across these smaller maps for players to hunt down. This mode will be playable on all 4 planets at launch and Jakku when it launches in December for those who pre-order the game.

Next up is the game mode called Cargo. This mode is Battlefronts equivalent of Capture the Flag where teams will work together to capture “flags” in order to win. The upside? This mode will not require your “flag” to be at your base in order for you to win. Scoring works in points of ten for a team with five total. Scoring starts with each team having five points. Scoring will increase your count while also lowering down the opposing teams points for teams to win. Matches will last 15 minutes and only will end if you run out of time or when a singular team manages to deduct points completely from the other team.

The last mode is basically a “Tag” game mode where a player will spawn as one of the franchises iconic heroes (Boba Fett is in there, right?). As players play they will work together and against each other in order to eliminate the hero and allowing the player who killed the hero to take that players spot as the hero character, which allows the cycle to begin again. The assumption? The hero character earns points by wiping out those whom are chasing them down and eliminating them.

Lastly, the Ultimate Edition will include the season pass, which will include all future content containing new planets, new modes, and we are assuming probably new characters as well as customization. The Ultimate Edition will include all the content from the Deluxe Edition, but also the games season pass, which can be purchased separately from this edition for a price that has yet to be announced by EA. We are sure the Season Pass will run you between $35-$50 USD, which isn’t all that uncommon these days. Let alone does this edition include the season pass, it also includes a unique “Shoot First” emote that can only be obtained by those that purchase this edition.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on Nov. 17th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $59.99 USD for the base game. Stay tuned for our hands-on impression of the beta as well as our thoughts on the creative direction at this point.

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