Preview: Killing Floor 2 Incinerate ‘n Detonate Update Part 2 – Firebug and More


Editor’s Note: This title is absolutely not meant for children and we highly recommend approaching this title with high discretion for minors.

So you’ve had your hands on the Incinerate ‘N Detonate update that came to Killing Floor 2 for a few days now I’m guessing. If not? Right now is the opportune time to get your hands on it since you can find the game for 19.99 USD (33% off the full price of the game) over on Steam. If you want to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition? Now is your best chance since it’s only 6.66 (see what happened there?), but now it’s time to discuss the newest class in Part 2; The Firebug. Thanks to the update you’ve also finally had a chance to see how the game balanced itself out by adding two classes that were desperately needed in the long run of things and now they’re finally here. So what exactly did they bring in with the Firebug? There’s no secret that we here at Blast Away the Game Review have spent quite a bit of time with the game via the press-preview and even the pre-launch preview for the Incinerate ‘N Detonate. To be honest? In the first part of our preview we got to take a look at the Demolition perk that left us jumping for joy at the sight of zed body parts flying around. Now? The Firebug class has honestly grown on me. Having decided to spend some of my down time on our family trip to Chicago, I decided to rip out the laptop, boot it up, and get down on some Zed killing with the Firebug, which lead me to finding out that flame based weapons are now my favorite ones out of them all.


Much like the Demolition class, Firebug starts off with some insanely useful weapons such as Molotov cocktails, the caulk ‘n burn, and the 9mm pistol. To be honest? I’d have loved to have seen a flare gun as one of the starting weapons for the Firebug class since this one has grown on me, but imagining seeing a zed glowing red? Priceless. Much like before the class comes in offering several huge feats; increased fire damage, increased fire resistance, and more. To be blunt? This class offers a huge advantage in the long run against some of the enemies and even offers a consistency in damage potency thanks to its weapons such as the Microwave Gun, Dragon’s Breath Spas 12, and even my favorite – Flamethrower. Thanks to its direct intention on delivering massive amounts of damage over time and up front, the Firebug is a class that is worthwhile having around when large groups of zeds end up rushing around the corner. Thanks to diversity in weapons, it’s nice being able to see enemies burn to a crisp while your team finishes off the rest or even sends their own bullets through the masses in order to support your damage. Just like before with the Demolition class, the Firebug is about pure damage and sustained group dispatching, but what else lay around that corner for you to enjoy? Take a look at the full change-log found on the Tripwire Forums here. We hope to see you helping us save London soon.

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