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If you’re a fan of zombie games like myself and love to play co-op with as little story as possible? Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire Interactive are the go-to games to have in your Steam library. Having been in Early Access for several months now, Killing Floor 2 has taken the co-op experience to a whole new level with its new blood generated engine, slow-mo moments, and even its realistic-ly unique weapon library it has. Thanks to the game being in an Early Beta stage we’ve gotten to see a few finetunes it has received, but we have also managed to get our hands on an early preview of the games upcoming Incinerate ‘n Detonate update, which takes the gore factor to a whole new level. Even with the base game being enjoyable as it is, there is something said about Killing Floor 2’s game that keeps it addicting, but eventually it grows dull, boring, and repetitive no matter who you play with. Luckily the developers have been listening to fan feedback in the forums and Steam’s community hub.

Welcome in the Demolitionist and Firebug perks. As someone who has been playing a lot of Killing Floor 2 on Windows 10 as of late, the game is fun, it is gory, and it has a unique spin to it. With both the Demolitionist and Firebug perks coming up, the update build that was made available let us quickly dispatch the Scrakes, Fleshpounds, and even that ugly big baddy Hans Volter. What makes this update so good? Let us take a look at what you can expect.


Not a lot has changed when coming in with an update such as this one. Just as the name suggests of the update, the Demolitionist and the Firebug perks have made a return to the game. While the past few months have been difficult taking down the minor bosses like the Scrakes, Fleshpounds that will shred you apart when they get a chance. The downside? The only way I’ve only seen groups successfully take down Hans with the AA-12 shotgun and tons of them laying around, but the chances of survival for any group I’ve been with outside of this strategy has been slim. Okay, okay, okay – I admit that I have defeated Hans Volter before with only the Bullpup and the AK-47 so put the torches down already. Luckily this is where the patch makes a huge difference for the overall combat. The first perk I messed with? Made this easier and filled a huge gap in the team building mechanics this game has. This is where the Demolitionist and the Firebug perks played a huge role.

Entering the fray as the Demolitionist I got to see some very  needed changes, which include the starting weapons as well as the first set of weapons you can get at a low cost, so lets take a look at those before going much further. You’ll start out with a stick of dynamite, a utility knife, and the first starting weapon… the HX 25 grenade pistol, because who doesn’t want to blow shit up and feel like a badass? Want to blow enemies up like a -80 firework in a dog bowl full of water? Here’s your chance. The gun turns absolutely almost any enemy into bloody chunks that will go flying around in the air or simply just leave a splatter of blood and gore on the floor, ceiling, and even the walls. Much like any perk in the game, the Demolitionist can’t stand still. The perk will require you to move, be precise, and time your shots due to all the weapons requiring precise shots for the explosives to do their jobs. If that fails? Just shoot the damned floor and watch the body parts fly; it works and well. With the H2X I did find a small shortcoming to it, but if you are quick and can get out of the way, reload then shoot? You are good, but do note this class is not friendly for being surrounded till you get higher tier weapons such as the Grenade Launcher or at least a backup shotgun so you can dispatch a few enemies before being overwhelmed if you are playing solo.


While the class has made a return it’s a welcoming sight thanks to the H2X, Grenade Launcher, and even dynamite sticks. If this is up your alley, this is one just for you, and we can’t wait to show you more regarding the Firebug class in our upcoming part 2 of the preview for the upcoming patch.

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