Dishonored 2 and Dishonored Definitive Edition Announced by Arkane Studios

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Written by Dustin Murphy


15 Years have passed. The Lord Regent was vanquished by a masked vigilante by the name of Corvo Attano who had been wronged as well as the empress and her family. In the year of 2012, we got to witness one of the most unique games to date release; a game where players began to wield supernatural abilities, weapons, and unusual gadgets that helped define a uniquely crated world as you took on multitudes of enemies from various walks of life. When looking away from the most immersive first-person action, assassination, mobility, and stealth game created you get a unique blend of genres to create a truly unique experience. As of yesterday night during their press conference, Bethesda stepped on stage to showcase upcoming titles from their partnered studios, and thus we got to see the newly announced Dishonored 2, which is set to arrive Spring 2016.

Dishonored 2 seeks to deliver a rather familiar experience, but with two characters, and two completely different personalities. Here we meet an aged Emily Kaldwin, the daughter of the Empress Kaldwin and her personal guard and seemingly known friend Corvo attano, whom we can only suspect trained her in the unique ways of assassination, stealth, mobility, and even brutal combat. As players trek through the streets of Dunwall to Karnaca, players will take on the once-dazzling and beautiful coastal city that holds a secret; the ability to restore Emily to power and bring her to her birthright as Empress. Just like Corvo, Emily has been marked by the Outside and has unlocked her own set of unique and new supernatural abilities that help her hunt down her enemies and forever alter the fate of the once powerful Empire.


Along with this announcement, our friends over at Bethesda also informed us about the Dishonored Definitive Edition has also been announced for the current gen consoles: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This version of the game will feature all previously released DLC and will push players to once more explore the world of Dunwall in order to once more correct the wrongs that had been committed. This version will allow players to once more take on their adventure as Corvo Attano on August 25th, 2015 for 39.99 in all regions. Stay tuned for more information here at Blast Away the Game Review as we prepare for it and Dishonored 2’s launch.

Our Take:

There’s no secret that Dishonored is an amazing franchise that offered a unique gameplay blend at the height of games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and even Halo. This time around we are hoping to see that gameplay evolve even more to keep itself fresh, unique, and even as adventurous as before. With two characters as playable characters, there’s no doubt that we are hoping both offer a unique twist on the story as different points of views or even a bit of backstory to explain how both are intertwined into this newly announced title. With the first one being announced as a Definitive Edition we can certainly say that Bethesda is pulling out their big guns and hoping to make a few marks on the gaming industry in the next year or so.

About the Writer:

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