Bayonetta 2 Gets New Information In Preparation of Launch

Bayonetta 2 Gets New Information In Preparation of Launch
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Written by Dustin Murphy

 Bayonetta 2 has been a force to reckon with, as the title gets closer to its October 24th launch date, which is set exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U console. With this title, the vocal brontide has been nothing short of excitement. This game has caused fans to clamor, every time they heard the game mentioned. For some, this announcement was a bit of an issue due to the lack of the first entry, Bayonetta, having not made it to Nintendo consoles before. Luckily, now it will, and players will be getting more than just the first and second titles, in the series. As of this past week, Nintendo and Platinum games announced that Bayonetta will be taking on several appearances. Lets take a look at the names we know so far; Princess Peach, Daisy, Link, and Samus and they aren’t done, not yet, it has also been announced that she will be getting a Fox McCloud, most of you know him from Star Fox, type outfit. One that will definitely be interstellar enough for those of you Science Fiction fans that want to mix their fantasy with it!

 If that information wasn’t enough for you, Nintendo and Platinum games has also revealed, that Rodin will be playable in the upcoming titles Tag Climax mode, which was shown off in the most recent Nintendo Direct. As stated previously, Bayonetta will be released with Bayonetta 2, and will be priced at 59.99 USD at retailers, while Nintendo also detailed the fact that a special discount will be given when buying the titles digitally through the eShop. The special discount will bring both games, when purchased together, to 59.98 USD. A few dollars savings when said and done.

 The Nintendo Direct had also detailed more about Bayonetta 2’s storyline, mechanics, weapon, magic, and the infamous Torture Attacks. After such was explained, they went on to detail the new Umbran Climax. After that was explained they continued to outline the new Muspelheim challenges rooms, and how the games ranking system room will work as well as how to spend the Halos earned to buy weapons and last, but not least, modify weapons. We can only wait to see how our well dressed lady will take the night off and fight in style against the enemy.

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