Gear up, Racing fans for the Racing Simulation The Crew!

Gear up, Racing fans for the Racing Simulation The Crew! 
Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page

By: Devon Day

Who’s ready for some adrenaline? Any takers? Well, for those of you that are, you are in luck. Ubisoft, creators of the famed Assasians Creed series, Rayman series, and other synonymous series have a new trailer for The Crew, a shared world racing game that is coming out on November 11. What is the motto of the game? Never Drive Alone. Be it cooperative or competitive, be sure to check out this trailer if you are craving for another racing game.

Again, that will do it for me? What are your thoughts on shared world games and The Crew? Do you think they fit with all genre’s? Do you think The Crew will do well? Are you looking forward to other racing games like Project Cars or DriveClub? Please leave your thoughts below. Thank you for reading, and as always, hope to see you again. Until next time, this is Devon Day; Checking out.

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