Infamous: First Light Review

Infamous: First Light Review
 Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
By: Justin DeMaio – PSN ID: CorePuncher


• Stand Alone Game
• New Game Modes
• More Next-Gen Infamous Game play

• No New Powers
• Lackluster Story
• Simplified Missions

Rating: 7 out of 10 – Decent


As I finished playing Infamous: First Light I was convinced that it was a good DLC and worth buying, but after the dust settled, I realized that I will likely never play it again, coupled with having to find parts of the game that I don’t like for this review, my rating for the game has gone down. Granted my initial rating was fairly high.

I really enjoyed playing Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: First Light is definitely more of the same. While that’s a good thing in certain respects because Second Son was a good game and it’s a blast to run around Seattle with super powers, it also leaves me wanting more. The Infamous story continues to lack scale and purpose and while it may be Sucker Punch’s intention to keep it local and personal to the main character, it leaves me not caring at all about what happens in the story. For somebody with super powers, you want to use those powers not just for yourself, but for the city, nation, or world. Whether you’re a good guy or bad guy, wouldn’t you use those powers for more than just to find out where your brother is? I understand relatives are important but let’s think big! Personally, I could care less about Fetch’s brother. Granted, I did care more for Fetch’s story than I did for Delsin’s, but it still was lacking something major in my eyes, scope, and a meaningful outcome. I would prefer my missions to be a bit more diverse than just keeping cops off of a drug dealer’s back by easily shooting them as they walk down an alley. Some of the missions are just way too simple and require hardly any thought or skill whatsoever. Trust me; this game is not all bad though. If you don’t own Infamous: Second Son, then you can drop a measly $15 on First Light and get a lot of what Second Son has to offer and It may help you decide if you’d want to purchase Second Son. In other words, you do not need to own Second Son in order to play First Light. This makes it a less risky investment on purchasing the game to see if you like it. This also means First Light comes with its own set of PSN trophies, including a new Platinum trophy. Trophy hunters rejoice!

Another aspect of First Light that I really enjoyed was the new game modes which are essentially different challenge arenas. In these arenas you’ll face off against a seemingly infinite number of enemies, allowing you to blast away and flex your muscles for as long as you can survive. These challenge arenas essentially make up for the lack of immersive and large-scale battles lacking in the main stories plot because they do take a bit of skill and thought to be successful.

In all, I’m happy with my purchase of Infamous: First Light and while I would still recommend buying it, don’t be disappointed when you get more of the same from Second Son.

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