Assassin’s Creed Unity Gets Street Dated

Assassin’s Creed to Enter the French Revolution October 28th

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Written by Dustin Murphy

 Assassin’s Creed® Unity was truly revealed today as we mentioned earlier with a first look gameplay trailer. What took us away of course was the fact that it is a four person, cooperative title that will kick off a next gen and PC exclusivity this fall. We have learned that Assassin’s Creed Unity will be launching world wide on October 28th, this year.

 What does this mean? Folks that are still hanging on to the last generation will not get to experience the new title, which is unfortunate, but will promote a core development cycle for both XBox One and PlayStation 4.

 The amazing Assassin’s Creed team over at Ubisoft has announced that the studio in Montreal will be obtaining support from nine other teams from around the world. The setting we know, of course, is within Paris during the French Revolution, which took place in 1789. We have learned that the streets of Paris will give us a glimpse at starving inhabitants, irritated patrons, and of course an entire country ready to take up arms. Among the calm before the storm, we will be seeing a young man by the name of Arno. Arno of course is wounded by the loss of those around him and has set out on his trek for redemption against what has occurred. Doing so will set him into the middle of this struggle and, of course, transform him into a Master Assassin like those before him.

At the core of what we have seen at E3, it is beyond evident that the franchise will be re-invented with this title, including the core form of the game, which is the mechanics. Stealth, navigation, and combat have seen a turn around in how the game will work to better benefit the players. We have learned that you, the player, will be fighting and moving your way through a full-scale open-world of Paris France, and this is all due to the new age consoles that have begun to take their place as the current generation. Players will have a full world before them where they will be able to experience richer and more lush combat experience, an entirely new, more believable stealth mode, and also a new cover system, which reigns in the use of new crowd manipulation abilities that allow for easier assassinations and more complex situations.

With what we know, we’ve also become witness to a very lively single player, but this game is also about something else; a story driven co-op experience. This will allow for four players to team up and experience a story unlike any other before. They will each get to take the mission on in a way that will promote their use of tools such as cooperation, agility, brute force, and stealth. all this to be used in order to support each in various play-styles. Doing this will require a unique skill for cooperation, and of course effectiveness as a group. Without this, the benefit of a team is gone, and is causing many issues.

With this information, players will be able to pre-order the Assassin’s Creed Unity Collector’s Edition, which will include a 16” figurine of Arno as an assassin. The statue will have him poised upon an iconic gargoyle, and of course comes with a music box, which plays a remixed version of the games theme, the official soundtrack, and of course an art book and of course two in-game missions. For those who pre-order the title, they will receive two bonus offers made available to them by Ubisoft. The first will be an exclusive mission called “The Chemical Revolution”. It will offer up to thirty minutes of additional gameplay and will allow players to help Lavoisier the “Father of Modern Chemistry” to escape from his kidnappers and help him by retrieving his poison bomb formula.

The following piece is the second offer. Players can access the Guillotine Spin to Win new spins and content every Friday through launch, which allows consumers to win new and incredibly amazing prizes unlike before. Players will also have a chance with five more spins and more chances to win. What doe this mean? Players can go to the following URL today for a chance to win the prizes below:

Potential prizes include:
• Exotic trips – Paris, Ubisoft Montreal, Comic-Con
• Games and digital content
• Exclusive apparel and gear
• Home Entertainment Systems
• And more

Also with the release date announcement of Assassin’s Creed Unity, we have also learned the Phantom Blade, a life-size replica has become available for purchase. This item will have a limited-run for ordering by the famed award-winning McFarlane Toys. This item will contain the following pieces and are “functional”: hidden blade, retractable crossbow arms, and a soft firing dart. How much will this run you? 59.99 USD while supplies last in select countries starting October 28th, 2014.

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