Grand Theft Auto V Heads to Next Gen and PC

Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4?
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Article by Josh Turner

Update: Rockstar after their stage presence has also confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will also be headed to XBox One and PC

 Wow. Just… wow. Today has been a massive day for both platforms with the games that have been announced, and shown. Batman, Halo, Assassin’s, etc. The list goes on, and on. However, I don’t think any game made anyone’s eyes bug out quite as bad as the announcement of GTAV next gen. However, the reports, and monologue provided by Sony is sketchy at best right now. Leads one to believe that this game. No, this behemoth, could be a exclusive for PS4.

Here is why. 

Reason One: Why didn’t Microsoft announce this if they are having such a tight relationship with Xbox? I.E. DLC first on xbox, exclusive content, etc.

Reason Two: Gameplay captured using PS4. If this was a multi-plat re-release, why didn’t they just say that? Why just single out the PS4 like they did?

Reason Three: This one, straight from the horses mouth. Your online saves, character, progress. Everything from your PS3, and Xbox 360 will carry over to PS4.

Granted, all of this that I am writing, besides the announcement it self is pure speculation, but is justified due to the evidence presented during it’s reveal. If this is true, even if it’s only a timed exclusive, this could be a major blow to the Xbox-One.

What’s your thoughts? Would you buy a PS4 just for GTA, or could you care less? Let us know in the comments below.

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