Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Consoles discontinued


As the console shortage continues, there’s a very likely chance you’ll be hard-pressed to find an Xbox One X or Xbox One S All-Digital Edition consoles as Microsoft has confirmed they are discontinuing production.

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Bless Unleashed locks in on a March 12th, 2020 release date for Xbox One


Bless Unleashed has honed in on an official release date, setting it up for a March 12th, 2020, release date and will feature plenty of bonuses for console players. Here’s what you need to know before diving in.

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Microsoft officially rebranded Microsoft Studios as Xbox Game Studios


As Microsoft begins to align their vision with the future of their gaming brand, the company has officially rebranded their internal studios to a brand new name as Xbox Game Studios.

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Review: Halo: The Master Chief Collection – He’s mean, he’s green, and he’s the Chief


Nearly four years since its release, we’ve finally decided to step back into Halo: The Master Chief Collection and give it the review we felt it finally deserves. With new patches, new events being added on a frequent basis, it’s now time to drop right back into the Halo universe. Here’s our official review for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
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How’d the Xbox One do in 2017? Lets Take a Look.


2017 has been a trying year for Microsoft. The Xbox One was off to a slow start and received hefty criticism when their exclusive IP Scalebound was cancelled. With the console having been on the market for its fourth year, we may feel that its stay has been a bit of both lackluster and somehow encouraging all at once.

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Did Disney Have Star Wars Battlefront II Crystal Purchases Disabled


If you’re the Star Wars franchise, you’ve had a really bad week, and it’s only seemingly been getting worse even with the removal of your latest games loot crates. For Electronic Arts, your week really hasn’t been the greatest of weeks, and it may only get worse in the upcoming days. Your latest game is one that has pushed upon the industries most discussed topic: confusing, expensive, and troublesome loot crates.

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Blizzard Opens Up About Overwatch and Xbox One X


The Xbox One X is not a small deal by any means. It is a powerhouse, one that not even Sony had possibly foreseen doing what it has, and bringing native 4K gameplay to a living room near you. In order to prove that they have what it takes for 4K gaming, Microsoft has doubled down, and has shown an exemplary display of love for video games.

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What is 4K Resolution? How Can You Take Advantage of it When Gaming?


[Credits: Activision]

If you walk into any electronics store, you may notice that 1080p televisions are on their way out. 4K is the newest standard that the media industry has taken an adventure to and it’s one that has paid off. UHD blu-ray players, televisions, and even gaming consoles have become a thing of the future as entertainment formats seek to revolutionize the way we see home entertainment.

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