Opinion: I Suck at PUBG and That’s Okay


In recent days I’ve been requested to take my time and stream some PUBG when I get a chance. So low and behold I have. Often times on Twitch or Mixer so that viewers can interact with me and comment on my gaming antics. But what these viewers don’t know before they make that request? I suck at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I suck bad enough that I’m pretty sure my K/D/A on that game is lower than a .9 and that my win-to-loss ratio is at a 0%.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Breaks 1 Million Simultaneous Players


PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has been a game that has broken any milestone that previous games have ever ventured out to do. It broke the most active player count at one time and even holds the peak player record for any non-Valve game. The game’s developer has now announced that it has broken a new record of being the most active game to date with more than 1 million simultaneous players playing the game.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is Headed to GamesCom With an Invitational


Ranked as one of the fastest growing games of all-times, PlayerUnkown’s Battlground is one that has managed to quickly grab the attention of gamers, and has risen in demand for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. However, for PC users, there’s some good news coming there way, as Bluehole has announced that PUBG will be taking over GamesCom with its very first invitational LAN tournament.

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