Super Neptunia RPG Review – An RPG that leaves you wanting more

Super Neptunia™ RPG_20190910023854

Has the Neptunia franchise finally lost its steam with Super Neptunia RPG or does the 2D iteration of the game actually push the series forward? Find out in our review of Super Neptunia RPG.

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Review: Death end re;Quest – Oh, the quests, all those quests, and the deaths

Death end re;Quest_20190311043015.png

Death end re;Quest is a major step in a different direction by the teams that brought you the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise and tosses aside pastel colors for something far more darker and nefarious. But does it work? Let’s find out!

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Dragon Star Varnir announced for North America with a first look at combat


Prepare your brooms, your magic, and your will as epic dragon JRPG, Dragon Star Varnir is preparing to launch on PlayStation 4 in both physical and digital formats in both North America and Europe this summer.

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Death end re;Quest Season Pass and pre-order date for PlayStation Store revealed


In a recent announcement about Death end re;Quest, Idea Factory Inc. has released official information about the games upcoming post-launch plans and even pre-order bonuses for those looking to purchase the game ahead of its February 19, 2019, release date.

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Super Neptunia RPG announced, screenshots released

battle - 1

Super Neptunia RPG will be the first entry in the series to land on the Nintendo family alongside the PlayStation 4 and will be the first side-scrolling RPG within the franchise. The game will feature turn-based RPG action.

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Review: Megadimension Neptunia VIIR – Going Virtual


Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is a new iteration of the 2015 release, Megadimension Neptunia VII, which adds VR gameplay elements, and some minor changes to how players will interact with the games bubbly and comedic cast.

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Idea Factory Announces Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Release Date

Nep_V2R (7)

There’s something charming about the fourth-wall breaking Neptunia franchise. Whether it’s the series showing the girls running about completing quests, commenting on the real-world gaming industry or even their very own take on their franchise, the girls of the series are always up to something fun. Starting May 8, 2018, the girl will be making their return to the PlayStation 4 and for the first-time-ever the PlayStation VR.

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Review: Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online – Let’s Go Online

Battle (7)

+Controls are straightforward and welcoming to all new players
+Party system is easily learnable and allows for quite a few different party make-ups
+Multiplayer is a blast when a party can be formed

-Story based objectives can be hard to follow and can be confusing for players to track.
-Framerate dips are extremely problematic during missions on Logi Mountain
-Side-quests are extremely predictable but must be completed multiple times.

For nearly five years, I’ve been almost seemingly obsessed with the Neptunia franchise. In recent years, however, my fandom has begun to fade away due to the lack of interest I’ve had. Not because the games aren’t good, but rather because the games had begun to wander down the beaten path. The games had begun to grow stale, the humor had done so as well and it had truly seemed that our favorite troop of women had finally begun to run out of steam.

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Review: Mary Skelter Nightmares – No Nightmares Here, Just Good RPG Fun


[Credits: Idea Factory/Compile Heart]

+Astonishing use of audio and visual approaches, helping immerse players
+Combat scenarios are fun and at times quite difficult
+A nice change of pace compared to Compile Hearts’ previous titles
+Fun and traditional gameplay using normal dungeon-crawling experiences

–At times, the game seems to try hard, and seem rather “edgy” when using controversial approaches such as undressing characters
-Over-sensualizes the idea of self-harm to help heal party members out of their “Berserk” style state.
-Third-person gameplay would have been astonishing to have had in the games gameplay mechanics


For the PlayStation Vita, 2017 seems to be one of its biggest years. We’ve seen it get some admirable titles ranging from Tokyo Xandu, to the enigmatic and well scripted Utawarerumono: The Mask of Truth, to the interesting, and once-completed, enigmatic Caligula Effect. It’s been a year that Sony should take notice of when it comes to the PlayStation Vita and it’s third party support that keeps the handheld afloat, but that’s not to mention the many other games the handheld has received in recent days.

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Review: Dark Rose Valkyrie – Let the Petals Dance

+Extremely beautiful graphics, character animations, and well written scenario
+Strong soundtrack, score, and combat systems.
+Dual Audio allows for a rather fun and enjoyable time

-Areas of the game are blocked off unless required by the games story
-Combat scaling could have used some work.

Dark Rose Valkyrie_20170322174830

Dark Rose Valkyrie is a joint venture with artist and mangaka, Kosuke Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess, Sakura Wars, nearly every Tales Of title), scenario writer, Takumi Miyajima (Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, screenplay for Fate/Zero), and Compile Hearts (Hyperdimension Neptunia, Mugen Souls, Record of Agarest War) set in an alternate version of 1920’s Japan, where the world is dealing with a dangerous virus that can turn people into Chimera, thanks to the Black Garnet meteorite that hit the Earth. You assume the role of Asahi Shiramine, the new commander of Special Force Valkyrie and together with your team of anime stereotypes, you fight back against the chimera threat.

You’re squad is comprised of such tropes as the naïve rich girl, the hard core Japanese character, the gun nut, the super shy kid, the super tomboy kid, the horn dog, and a down to Earth son of a wealthy family. During your journey, you’ll uncover each teammate’s quirk/issue, build a stronger team, and fight against the true threat of the game after a twist later in the game, or so I’ve gathered as I was only able to put in roughly 30 hours.

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