Dragon Star Varnir announced for North America with a first look at combat


Prepare your brooms, your magic, and your will as epic dragon JRPG, Dragon Star Varnir is preparing to launch on PlayStation 4 in both physical and digital formats in both North America and Europe this summer.

Today, Idea Factory and Compile Heart have announced a release date window for their upcoming title Dragon Star Varnir will be headed to North America and Europe in the summer of 2019. In the game, you’ll take on the main protagonist Zephy and hunt down the many witches who are cursed to give birth to dragons as well.

All the action, especially with witches and dragons in wait, combat will tae place across turn-based sequences, allowing players to use midair combat, using tiers, transformations, and even weaken foes while devouring their abilities between each encounter.

You can check out the newly released combat screenshots down below:

Battles won’t take place in one single location, but also multiple layers including Top, Middle, and Bottom Levels, each one can be moved around between each layer on the field. Attacks will be comprised of both physical and magical attacks, combined with your ability to use defend yourself against those that oppose you.

Your spells that you will use pertain to elements such as Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light, and Dark, allowing you to burn your enemies asunder or douse their inner fires while bringing light into the darkness. The interesting part is how magic actually works. You’ll be able to attack enemies in any tier without any problem, but unable to critically strike an enemy unlike what physical attacks can do, but with a limitation of attacking the characters current tier.

You can take a look at some of the newly revealed combat mechanics down below:

Devour Skill: Attack enemies to increase the enemy’s Fear Level. Speed the process by attacking their weak points and performing critical hits. The higher the Fear, the easier it will be to eat the dragons! Eat an enemy using your Devour skill to obtain the enemy’s skill tree. Additionally, when the enemy’s Fear Level is 100%, this will cause a weak point rush to occur! This trick will allow three allies to execute a consecutive rush attack with the last person performing the Devour skill. If the enemy’s HP drops to 0 during a rush, the Devour skill is guaranteed to be successful.

Dragon Awakening: The Dragon Awakening system allows characters to transform into an unstoppable force with stronger armor and increased abilities. In this state, you can use special skills, including the Special Devour Skill. However, if you ignite it when your HP is extremely low, there are chances that your power may go berserk and you may incur a Rogue Dragon Awakening. During this state, your attack power and escape rate may increase, but your defense will greatly decrease – a huge gamble, so make sure you utilize the Rogue Dragon Awakening carefully!

Giant Dragon Battles: Players will experience battles against Giant Dragons who takes up all three levels! By damaging each of its body parts until their HP reaches 0, that part of the body (and the associated attacks) will be sealed. Additionally, you can temporarily knock out the boss so be strategic on which body parts or main body you will attack!

Idea Factory International, Inc., has revealed that the latest game from Compile Heart will be headed to North America and Europe this Summer exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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