Sony has invested $250 million into Epic Games the creators of Fortnite and Paragon


In a massive investment move, Sony has invested $250 million USD for a minority stake in Epic Games, the company behind games such as Fortnite and now-defunct title, Paragon.

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Fortnite’s Chapter 2 update is now available


If you’ve been staying tuned to the Fortnite’s social media and streams, a lot has been happening as far as hidden messages go. In order to prepare for the brand-new season, you’ll need to download approximately 9GB of data in order to play.

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Borderlands fans are review bombing the series over Epic Games Store exclusivity


The latest action may be a reason for Epic Games to refuse user reviews on their store as Borderlands gets review bombed over Borderlands 3 being a six month exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

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Yes, Epic Games is paying for Epic Games Store exclusives


Epic games is shelling some hard earned money in order to bolster their Epic Games Store offerings thanks to the staggering financial success of Fortnite.

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Epic Games Store: Why it’s a threat to Steam


Epic Games Store

The battle for the best has begun and the showdown happens to be between both Epic Games and Valve with the Epic Games Store and Steam, but there’s a reason behind it. Devs are turning to Epic for a very specific reason: Profits.

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Here’s why you should be using Two-Step Authentication for your gaming accounts


Locking down your account is as simple as setting up a security password when creating your account. But is the added security really worth it? Here’s what you need to know.

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Fortnite to be the first cross-play title for PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One


In an era where cross-play and cross-platform titles have become a huge success, Sony has avoided allowing such experiences outside of PC and Mobile devices. Today, the companies tune has changed as they reveal their commitment to offering the best gaming experience possible – starting with Fortnite.

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Fortnite is now on Nintendo Switch, but there’s a catch for existing players


Fortnite: Battle Royale has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch, however, there is a catch for those with an already existing account that want to continue their progress through the game.

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Fortnite Mobile now available to all iOS users


After having spent a few weeks in closed testing in an invite-only state, publisher and developer Epic Games has officially announced that they’ve worked out all the kinks in Fortnite for iOS and has officially announced that this version of the title is now live and free-to-play for all iOS device owners.

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Epic Games Shouldn’t be Giving up on Paragon Just Yet


Last month the news broke that Epic Games would be shutting down their third-person action MOBA Paragon, which the company claimed didn’t meet their expectations nor did it attract the community they had hoped it would since its launch into closed alpha in 2016. While the game certainly saw a lot of struggle and changes made, it seemed that with the launch of their updates New Dawn and V.45, Paragon had finally begun to find a foothold within the MOBA genre as the first MOBA to let PC and console users can play together.

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