TERA’s Awakening release date for consoles revealed


Players can expect to jump into the new TERA and enjoy the all-new Apex class skills for all 13 classes and the brand-new Dark Reach Citadel Dungeon later this month on consoles.

In a surprise announcement, En Mass Entertainment has confirmed the June 30th, 2020, release date for the upcoming Awakening update for TERA on consoles. The new update will feature new Apex class skills for all 13 classes when it launches, as well as the new base-game dungeon, Dark Reach Citadel.

As part of the new update, one which released yesterday, players can now experience the Demon’s Wheel event dungeon without a hitch thanks to the latest update alongside the fan-favorite dungeon RK-9 kennel, which has now returned to the game as well.

Those who have reached level 65 and an item level of 349 can start the new Velika Banquet questline in order to earn their Apex Skills. The new abilities when unlocked will allow players to test their skills when they dive into the brand-new Dark Reach Citadel dungeon in order to take down mysterious and fearsome foes while unraveling the machinations of the games latest enemy faction.


TERA is a free-to-play title that is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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