Hanako: Honor & Blade has officially launched after 14 years of heartfelt development

After a long and passionate fourteen year development cycle, developer +Mpact Games has revealed that Hanako: Honor & Blade has officially launched on PC via Steam.

Recently awarded the Epic MegaGrant, +Mpact Games has been hard at work on their newly released samurai-focused title, Hanako: Honor & Blade. The game itself, as we learned in our interview with Matt Canei just why the game itself was such a passion project for him and the team at +Mpact Games.

The immersive online multiplayer title itself has been meticulously developed and has since served as a beautiful memorial to those who lost their battle to cancer. The game is currently available for $8.99 for its release week and will find itself adjusted to a $14.99 price tag from there. Those wanting to save the 40% discount can do so by purchasing the game on Steam.

The game started its development in 2007 as industry veteran and team lead, Matt Canei, vowed to honor his mother, Janie’s, memory through the design of the game, using it to show the light and darkness of her battle with breast cancer through the game’s setting and design. Today, Matt works at ILMxLAB where he and his dedicated team have fulfilled his bow, allowing the world to go hands-on with the game and storm across the battlefields of Feudal Japan.

The two warrior clans within the game as they face off against one another as they highlight the struggle between the health and goodness of his mother’s spirit through the Hanako Clan. Meanwhile, the Yamai Clan symbolizes the opposition of life with the inherent threat of cancer and other diseases.

“We created Hanako: Honor & Blade to help us cope with the loss of loved ones through cathartic samurai multiplayer combat representing life and destruction,” said Matt Canei, Team Lead at +Mpact Games. “I know my mother would be proud, and I want to thank our community for sharing the journey with us. I wish all of you strength in your battles—in the game and in life.”

As players experience the impressive battles in Hanako: Honor & Blade, they will see 24 player battles take place across various matches as they master each of the game’s classes. You’ll find that the game changes as you master the combat prowess of the swordsman, the strength of the powerful spearman, the incredible mastery of the eagle-eyed archer, and the blazing-fast speeds of the ninja.

Game modes include team deathmatch Battle, Capture the Scroll, Village Siege, Castle Raid, and the all-new Duel mode. Each of the modes will come with their own unique features for fans to enjoy as they get a chance to enjoy the game’s incredibly Immersive audio and orchestral soundtrack.

Hanako: Honor & Blade is availalbe now on PC via Steam.

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