SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 is set to release this October exclusively on PC

Bandai Namco has revealed that SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 will be heading to PC in the West this October and will feature more than 20 iconic anime franchises and their mechs in the upcoming release.

Fans of Super Robot Wars are in for a surprise as the franchise begins to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Publisher and developer, Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., has revealed the upcoming title, SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 will be released in western markets exclusively for PC via Steam on October 28t, 2021.

The tactical RPG title will bring with it a wide array of robot anime franchises, their respective mechs, and a chance to command as well as upgrade their mechs and the pilots before heading into intense tactical battles. The game will include mechs from The King of Kings: GaoGai VS Betterman, The Brave Police J-Decker, and Mazinkaiser (INFINITISM).

In addition to featuring the aforementioned franchises among many others, SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 will also feature new gameplay elements including a new ‘Tactical – Area – Select’, and ‘AUTO BATTLE’ systems for fans to enjoy. The new features will allow fans to enjoy high-quality graphics, powerful cut-in animations during battle, and plenty more as fans progress through the game.

SUPER ROBOT WARS 30, at this time, will exclusively be launching on PC via Steam on October 28th, 2021.

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