Dark Horse Comics reveals their gaming divison called Dark Horse Games

Legendary comic book and graphic novel publisher, Dark Horse Comics, is joining the gaming industry with their own video game division, Dark Horse Games.

Known for their legendary publishing capabilities and franchises ranging from IPs such as Hellboy, Frank Miller’s Sin City, 300, and Umbrella Academy  – among many others – the publisher is expanding its reach from just having a portfolio of over 425 story-driven characters and universes fans have enjoyed over the years.

Now, they are expanding their reach even further with their goal to create AAA licensed games based on the licenses titles that Dark Horse Comics has published over the years, “We’ve spent the past thirty-five years developing a long list of original, fan-favorite IP with many of the best partners in digital entertainment. Now is the perfect time to expand our vision into gaming,” said Dark Horse Comics founder and President Mike Richardson. “Dark Horse Games gives us exciting new ways to engage with fans of all kinds on a multitude of platforms.”

Dark Horse Games, however, is not wasting any time getting the ball rolling. They are already looking to release multimedia content in multiple different mediums including webtoons, anime, and plenty more. They are also currently already looking and in discussion to get some of their first-party games into development by working with industry-leading co-development studios as well as content production studios.

“Dark Horse Comics sits at the intersection of consumer entertainment, production and publishing. We’re one of the few companies that own IP nimble enough to execute coordinated strategies across multiple platforms, and that’s a huge advantage in gaming and digital,” said Dark Horse Games General Manager Johnny B. Lee.

At the moment, Dark Horse Games has not revealed what titles are currently in production or development, but rest assured, we’ll hear plenty about it soon.

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