The RIG PRO Compact is out and it features Dolby Atmos for Headphones

If you’re looking to snag a pretty nifty controller, look no further, as the RIG PRO Compact is looking to bring uncompromised audio to gamers around the world with Dolby Atmos.

If you’re looking for a chance to experience what Dolby Atmos has to offer, allowing gamers to experience one of the most unparalleled levels of audio feedback in gaming, and it’s the first to actually do so for those using 3.5mm audio jacked headphones.

Nacon has even ensured that those who experience fully customizable button remapping via the dedicated Pro Compact app. The app doesn’t just allow for dead zone customization and even adjust trigger sensitivity. However, if you don’t want to go that extra mile, you can still enjoy Dolby Atmos on Xbox and PC by simply plugging in the controller and downloading the Dolby Access app from the Windows Store or Xbox consoles.

“We are very excited to launch a product suited to gamers who prefer and play better using a controller with a smaller form factor,” said RIG VP of Global Sales & Marketing, Peter Petrides.  “This coupled with the unparalleled levels of customization and Dolby Atmos for headphones makes the PRO Compact a powerful tool for any competitive gamer.

NACON has revealed that the RIG PRO Compact controller is now available at Best Buy, GameStop, Wal-Mart, and Target starting today and is compatible with Xbox Series X|S consoles as well as Xbox One platforms for $49.99 in the US and $79.96 in Canada.

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