Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle announced for Nintendo Switch, launches Summer 2021

XSEED Games has revealed that they will be publishing Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle for Nintendo Switch, bringing Cygames’ mobile and PC card battler to consoles this summer.

If you are one for deck-building mechanics, taking down your enemies through strategic deck compositions, well-played strategies, then XSEED Games has a surprise for you. Today, they’ve revealed that Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021.

The game will be available in both digital and physical formats, giving fans a chance to snag a special promo code that grants them 2 alternat art cards (3 cards each), 10 seer’s globes, and cosmetic items that can be dreemed in the mobile or PC versions of the game. Not bad for those looking to enjoy the game wherever and whenever they can.

The upcoming Nintendo Switch version will be a reimagined version of the strategic multipler mobile/PC card battle title. This version will still see players progress as they did before, unlocking cards as they go, building new ones in order to build an extremely powerful deck, and of course, go up against others in online multiplayer matches to put their skills to the test. This includes the ability to unlock new features through the Battle Pass system with cosmetic leader skins and other in-game unlockables.

Those looking to enjoy the game can expect to see an upcoming story that will come as a rather big surprise. Players can expect a rather entertaining story as players take on the role of a transfer student who is introduced to Shadowverse by their classmate and friend, Hiro Ryugasaki. Through meeting up with Hiro, players will find themselves taking on the long-term goal of becoming a master of the popular card battle game and aiming to win the national championship.

You will get to explore unique locations from around the school and surrounding town. A place filled-to-the-brim with adventures, unique personalities, and offerings that are exclusive to the game. Those wanting to experience the game ahead of the Nintendo Switch launch can do so on PC and mobile today with the Nintendo Switch version launching Summer 2021.

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