Report: Discord looking to sell to Microsoft for $10 billion or go public

Discord is looking to possibly be purchased by a company such as Microsoft for an estimated $10 billion USD or go public according to recent reports. Here’s what you need to know ahead of time.

Since its official launch in 2015, Discord has remained a private entity, allowing it to grow rather quickly due to its popularity with gamers, publishers, content creators, and businesses.

The service has offered the ability for millions to stay in touch, build their communities. It has even allowed them to communicate without the use of platforms such as Twitter and or Facebook.

According to recent reports from Bloomberg, Microsoft could be looking to purchase Discord later this year. The acquisition would cost Microsoft more than $10 billion. The purchase would hit heavy for Microsoft after closing out their $27 billion purchase of Bethesda Zenimax.

It is, possible, however, that the purchase could be null and void. VOIP clients in modern times have become a standard due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which sees millions working from home. The platform has risen in popularity due to its double-sided utility as both a VOIP and text-based client.

Other possibilities could see the VOIP-based service looking to go public as it would join the ranks of publicly traded VOIP clients. There are rumors that they are looking to discuss a pending purchase with companies such as Epic Games and Amazon should the Microsoft deal fall through.

It wouldn’t be odd for Microsoft to acquire the service as PC and Xbox go hand-in-hand already and those would merely allow Microsoft to adopt a dedicated chat service for their brand. Others could argue that it would also be increasingly beneficial for Discord to discuss with other brands.

In our books, this is a sell that may not happen as Microsoft has a comfy user experience with Skype, which still competes with other VOIPs such as ZOOM.

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