Fallout 76 receives a 2021 roadmap that includes all-new content for the Brotherhood of Steel

If you thought you were done with the Brotherhood of Steel, that’s not the case, and there’s plenty more coming with the new Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76’s 2021 Roadmap.

Just when you thought Fallout 76 was getting ready for some small updates for the time being, a super mutant is launching a mini-nuke in your direction, and as you wake up from the blast with the dust settling around you, there’s the Brotherhood of Steel just over the horizon.

In a brand-new bit of news, the Spring update is on its way, which introduces new S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Liadouts, better C.A.M.P. Slots, Mannequins, and all-new Daily Ops expansion. Pretty cool, huh? Sure beats that mini-nuke that landed in your lap and that super mutant making jokes about it all the way back to camp.

The new update is only part of the long-running plans for 2021. The new string of content also sees the return of Armor Ace who is now locked into a fierce battle against Commissioner Chaos and the Yukon Five, giving fans a chance to unlock new rewards on the Scoreboard. Who doesn’t love cosmetics, blueprints, and consumables?

The Spring Update also sets up later plans for 2021, which includes the Steel Reign chapter of The Brotherhood of Steel’s story, and the new obstacles that they will face as you help them. Also, you might find yourself having some tough choices ahead, which, could change the Wasteland for good.

The Summer update will also bring in players the ability to craft specific Legendary items in order to allow players to tailor your build to your playstyle. After all, we do need more hammers. Like seriously, where’s an explosive hammer when you need one?

You can check out some of the plans for 2021 in the graphic down below or as seen above:

Not bad huh? For those of you wanting to read what’s coming, here’s what to expect this year as provided to us by Bethesda:


The winds of change are coming, and with it an evolution to Private Worlds! Stay tuned over the coming months for more information as we get closer to release.

We’re also bringing another expansion to Daily Ops to give players even more ways to play.


This Winter introduces four-star Legendary Weapons and Armor along with the arrival of the highly-requested and anticipated C.A.M.P. Pets!

Face off against new dangers with an out-of-this-world event. In the brand-new Public Challenge: Invaders from Beyond, players across the server will unite to complete challenges, face off against challenging new foes and earn some stellar rewards.

The Cultists of Appalachia are up to something sinister in a brand-new Seasonal event: The Ritual! Help the cultists in Point Pleasant prepare an exciting and dangerous ritual, and they’ll repay you with unique rewards.

Fallout 76 is currently available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms today.

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