GTFO receives a new update filled with surprises and new maps

GTFO has received another massive update that expands upon the games locale: The Complex. Players can now look at statistics and enjoy all-new expeditions that fans can enjoy. Here’s the latest scoop with today’s brand new content delivery.

10 Chambers Collective isn’t going home, but rather, they are going big with GTFO. The latest updates for the 4-player co-op action/horror FPS delivered an even more immersive experience with added in expeditions, matchmaking, and RUNDOWN expeditions. This time, however, that has changed.

The latest update doesn’t deliver a RUNDOWN as players might have been anticipating. 10 Chambers Collective has instead delivered an expanded RUNDOWN with the delivery of all new expeditions with four new ones. It already adds onto the already available content with four more expeditions for those brave enough to try and survive to do so.

“Looking at the statistics of death rates for the last Rundown, Contact, we decided our community of Prisoners need to be tested more before they’re ready for the next Rundown chapter of GTFO,” says Simon Viklund, Narrative Director & Composer. “We’re adding four new expeditions on top of the eight that are already in the Rundown. Let’s see if the survival rate increases.”

Even in our preview, we called the game a horrifying experience where we found survival rates to be astonishingly low. We mean low as in that an expedition was never completed. In the latest short and cryptic video released from 10 Chambers Collective, fans will find that in the game’s first year, R2E1 (the last expedition of Rundown 002), only saw a success rate of 1.4% with R1A1 seeing almost 2 million prisoners killed.

The overall survival rate is actually as low as you’d expect with only a 1.85% success rate. The challenge, however, is part of why players keep coming back as the game emphasizes team work, communication, and an understanding of how the game itself actually works.

“I think the secret behind our high positive Steam rating is our transparency. We’re very open with what kind of game GTFO is: Very challenging, not for the faint of heart, but also very rewarding when you succeed. We even have a warning text on the product page – encouraging people to research before buying,” says Ulf Andersson, Creative Director & CEO. “The exceptionally high positive reviews recently – 96% – should have to do with adding matchmaking in the latest big update. We will keep updating this feature, and maybe we’ll reach even higher.”

A spokesperson for the team has confirmed that the studio wil be taking a short break for the holidays so that they can spend time with their loved ones at a safe distance. The team will continue working on RUNDOWN // 05 once they return for their break. Currently, early access to GTFO is available for $34.99 at a 20% discount.

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