Twin Mirror from DONTNOD gets an official release date

DONTNOD Entertainment and Bandai Namco have revealed Twin Mirror’s official release date for current-gen platforms and PC.

When it comes to psychological horror games, BANDAI NAMCO is no stranger to publishing them and giving fans a good scare or three to enjoy. Their latest title from DONTNOD Entertainment is one of those very games, which is slated to launch on PC via the Epic Games Store. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 1st, 2020.

Those who pre-order Twin Mirror ahead of its launch will receive a free soundtrack of the game as a digital pre-order bonus. Those who do so can expect to take on the psychological thriller that features the main protagonist Sam Higgs as he returns to his childhood town for his best friend’s funeral.

However, things begin to quickly change as Sam quickly comes to realize that the little West Virginian city is home to numerous dark secrets that lie just beneath the surface. As a former investigative journalist, Sam will use his deductive skills in order to solve the mysteries surrounding the city and those that call it home.

With multiple skills at his disposal, Sam will explore the Mind Place, a place where players can discover multiple aspects of Sam’s personality and take on unique gameplay mechanics by studying the environment, gathering clues, creating simulations of multiple scenarios, and deduce the course of events in order to discover all-new endings over the course of their investigation.

Pre-orders for Twin Mirror is now available ahead of the games December 1st, 2020, release date.

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