Tamarin is set to launch on PC and PlayStation 4 next week

Tamarin is set to launch on PC and PlayStation 4 is set to launch next week and will see fans fall in love with the world’s cutest monkey: Tamarin. Who’s ready to explore some Nordic scenery with Tamarin?

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, the upcoming action-adventure title from Chameleon Games will land on PC and PlayStation 4 starting September 10th, 2020. The game will see fans explore a beautiful Nordic setting as Tamarin, the world’s cutest monkey (literally) who is on a quest to save his family from an army of ever-expanding insects who are intent on industrializing the forest the tamarins call their home.

Fans of 3D platforming classics have a lot to look forward to while undertaking the explorative elements of the Metroidvania genre. The world is massive, interconnected, brimming with 3D platforming and scenic routes for fans to enjoy from beautiful forests to fjords and mountainous terrains.

“Tamarin is a game that’s beautiful and has a meaning, as it’s about our natural world and environmental conservation, an issue that’s becoming increasingly urgent in recent years,” said Omar Sawi, Founder of Chameleon Games. “We wanted to explore this in a fun way that combines the delightful charm of vintage 3D platformers with Metroidvania exploration adventures and classic arcade shooters. Tamarin is both a blast to play and a reminder of what’s at stake in the real world.”

To bring the game to life, Sawi brought on an all-star cast from the days of Rare’s golden era to help bring his creative vision for Tamarin to life. Fans can enjoy the creative character designs of Steve Mayes (Banjo-Kazooie) as well as Kev Bayliss from Diddy kong and Battletoads along with Rhicard Vaucher (Donkey Kong 64) who leads art production. Finally, you have David Wise, who brought the music of Donkey Kong Country and Starfox Adventures to life alongside Graeme Norgate, who helped bring the sound effects of GoldenEye 007, Jet Force Gemini, and Killer Instinct to the forefront.

Fans can prepare to pre-order Tamarin today.

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