Ghost of Tsushima’s newest Japanese Trailer is like an amazing samurai movie


Ghost of Tsushima has received another amazing trailer, this time, a Japanese exclusive launch trailer which looks like an epic samurai movie preparing for theatrical release. Let’s watch it!

Ghost of Tsushima is – without a doubt – one of our most anticipated titles here at Blast Away the Game Review. The video, itself, is actually titled as a “historical movie trailer” and Sony doesn’t disappoint in delivering that epic movie feeling. Fans of classic samurai epics will love this as it delivers some vibes that movies such as the 1954 Akira Kurosawa classic, SEVEN SAMURAI.

Whether it’s the epic setting, the beautifully orchestrated score, or the hefty amount of samurai-induced tension, Ghost of Tsushima is nothing short of astounding in their delivery, which has hyped up the game even more. They already knew their Western fans would enjoy it, so they included some “CC” for us all to enjoy.

Ghost of Tsushima was announced during Paris Games Week in 2017 and will be launching on July 17th, 2020. Pre-loads for digital pre-orders have already begun in anticipation of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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