Death End re;Quest 2 combat revealed by Idea Factory


The first all-new look at the updated Battle Systems for Death End re;Quest 2 has been revealed by Idea Factory International, Inc. ahead of the games August 25th release date. Here’s your first look at what to expect.

With Death end re;Quest 2 set to release on August 25th, 2020, in North America, for PC and Playstation 4, we’re finally getting our first look at the games updated Battle Systems for the horror-inspired RPG.

As players take on the role of Mai Toyama, they will explore the mysterious town of Le Choara, taking on the task to uncover many of its long-lost secrets and coming into contact with new and returning faces. When you aren’t chatting with them, you’ll be exploring, which means danger’s just over the horizon.

Due to this, you’ll find much of your time in combat is experiencing a turn-based combat command system where the order of attack is dependent upon a character’s speed. At the start of each turn, you’ll be able to move them about freely, performing combos with said characters or even attacking them from outside their range with ranged attacks.

The returning Triact system will allow players to take three actions in a single turn, this includes the ability to attack, use an item, guard or even use a skill during your turn, and in any order you want. However, if you combo three attacks in a row? You’ll knock back an enemy. Want to use a strengthened guard? Attack once and then guard twice in a row.

You can also damage anomalies on the field known as “Field Bugs”, which are tiny glitches that lurk around the field, each carrying a negative effect with them. If you knock an enemy into one, well, they’ll damage do some nasty damage to them, but you know what? You can knock an enemy into another one for some bonus damage as well.

There’s also the returning Glitch Mode, which allows the characters to use their corruption to their advantage, shapeshifting and dishing out insane damage rather quickly. Characters will also take on special appearances in order to highlight their transformations. Characters even have special abilities they can use in this mode.

Players can also take advantage of the situation with the Flash Drive system that will allow characters to perform unique skills that initiate only when a certain skill combo is performed using the Triact system. Each character has a variety of skills at their command, but these, these are special, which will allow players to throw out some devastating blows to an enemy.

You can check out the preview highlight reel down below:

If you haven’t had a chance, you can pick up Death end re;Quest on PC today for $15.99 during the Steam Summer Sale or on PlayStation 4 at the same cost during the PlayStation Sale currently going on.

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