BloodRayne is being revived thanks to Ziggurat Interactive

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After years of sitting on the bottom shelf, stuffed somewhere in the back, BloodRayne was collecting dust while at Majesco Entertainment. Now, Ziggurat Interactive reveals they now have the rights to more than 200 IPs the latest including former Majesco titles including Blood Rayne and former Xbox exclusive Advent Rising.

It’s official, BloodRayne is coming back and it looks like Ziggurat Interactive and original developer, Terminal Reality, are back in business n order to revitalize the rich universe the series has become known for after the BloodRayne franchise became a cult-classic from the PS2 era.

Even now, the third-person horror action series still brings fans from around the world to experience Rayne, a brutal half-vampire femme fatale who travels the world, foiling the plans of the Nazi’s while battling supernatural threats and piecing together parts of her own complex past. The series, much like the beloved Legacy of Kain franchise, met an untimely end when Majesco Entertainment shelved the franchise, putting the series which saw games, comics, and films spread across the globe in the early 2000s.

Now, Terminal Reality is already hard at work updating the PC version of the game via steam, kinking out bugs and enhancing the classic titles for modern-day gamers. There are already plans being made for future titles in the series, making it quite likely we could see a new entry launching at some point in the next generation cycle of gaming hardware, consoles included.

“BloodRayne is a beloved franchise with a huge fan base and we’re extremely appreciative of the opportunity to be stewards for this fantastic series,” said Ziggurat Interactive’s President, Wade Rosen. “Players the world over fondly remember titles like BloodRayne and Advent Rising and having the opportunity to not only bring these games to a new audience but to expand their universes is something we take seriously.”

While a new title has not been confirmed, it is amazing to see the cult-classic franchise getting a breath of fresh air almost twenty years later, “We are really excited to have this opportunity to revisit one of our favorite game series and make it available to a new audience,” said Mark Randel, President, Terminal Reality, Inc.

Along with obtaining the rights to BloodRayne, Ziggurat Interactive has also revealed that they have obtained the rights to other classic franchises including Advent RisingRaze’s Hell, and Flip’s Twisted World. While it’s not clear what the future holds for the IPs, it is an exciting time as it does seem we could possibly see remasters or even remakes of the classic games.

Currently, the only plans they have are to continue updating and enhancing the previously released entries while proceeding to develop plans for possible future entries. Until then, we’ll settle for those awesome classic memories.

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