Square Enix reveals that FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has sold 3.5 million units


With our review in progress, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has achieved exceptional sales since its release on April 10th and continues to see overall sales growth.

As many fans of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, some of who were doubtful about the transition from turn-based RPG to action-RPG with some turn-based elements, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE has continued to captivate fans around the world. Square Enix has revealed that the games shipments and digital sales have exceeded the 3.5 million mark in just three days following the game’s official launch.

Square, as before, has revealed that the game featuring a hybrid battle system will see more entries to its story as the first one has focused on the eclectic and sprawling city of Midgar, which presents a fully standalone experience as they take on the infamous and shadow corporation, the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Those who opt to take on the adventure through the playable demo before May 11th, 2020, will receive an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme today. Stay tuned for our upcoming review in the upcoming days.

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