Green Hell’s co-op mode has officially dropped as a free update


Green Hell’s biggest update has officially dropped as a free update, which sees the official launch of the highly-anticipated Co-Op Mode. To celebrate, Creepy Jar is giving a solid rundown of what to expect.

Co-Op games are the lifeblood of social interaction at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Creepy Jar is no stranger to this either as the team has officially revealed the release of their highly-anticipated Co-op mode has happened, inviting everyone who owns the game – newcomers as well – to give the update a whirl as the new update sees players being able to join one another.

Players can even take some time to work together, removing leeches from one another, building up a camp, hunting for materials, and surviving together in groups of 2-4 players altogether in the rainforest. Fans of Green Hell will be able to enjoy all-new voice-overs, character models, different clothing, beard types, in-0game chat, as well as an integrated steam invitation system.

Additionally, Green Hell is currently available for $24.99 on PC via Steam. A console version is scheduled to launch at an undisclosed date.

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